Plan to Drink More H20 in The New Year?

It’s almost the New Year again which means resolutions, right? Well, here’s one resolution that’s a snap to keep. Drinking more water has never been easier with Glasstic® water bottles.

Everything tastes better in glass, but it’s so difficult to have an active lifestyle with a breakable bottle. That’s why Glasstic® beverage bottles are glass on the inside and have a thin coating of plastic on the outside to virtually eliminate breaking. But in the off chance a Glasstic® bottle does break, it won’t shatter spilling tiny shards of glass all over the floor, because the glass is contained inside the shell of plastic. Genius!

What’s more, just inside the plastic shell, is an area that holds a customizable, style insert. These allow you to add personality to your bottle. You can make your own creation by including your favorite photos or words that personalize your bottle and distinguish it from the rest of the family’s Glasstic® bottles. Oh, and because Glasstic® bottles are reusable,you’re helping to eliminate landfill waste from single-use plastic bottles.

What better way to hydrate and stay healthy in the New Year than with a Glasstic® beverage bottle. Definitively a resolution worth keeping!

Why Glasstic®:

  • Shatterproof – special coating prevents shattering. If the glass breaks, it stays inside the shatterproof shell with no mess!
  • Easy to Clean – Glasstic® is dishwasher safe.
  • Lifetime Warranty – free parts for life.
  • Easy to Personalize – with the insert packs you can create lots of different looks, including coloring your own design.
  • Wide Mouth – makes infusing with fruit or making tea so easy.
  • Large Spout – easy to drink
  • Take it Anywhere – most fitness studios allow Glasstic®. Take it to the pool or take it to the gym. Glasstic has the benefits of glass with the luxuries of plastic.
  • Safe for Kiddos – Durable and safe for kids as young as 6, just make sure to inspect from time to time.

About Glasstic®:

Glasstic®’s patented Modular Water Bottle System got its start 5 years ago as a way to fill a need in the beverage bottle market. HealthyliciousLiving LLC realized people wanted a high-quality, portable beverage container that was free of BPA and toxins, that carried all the benefits of glass … like the taste … without the drawbacks … breaking. After a lot of trial and error, Glasstic® was born, offering a whole new safe, healthy, environmentally conscious way to enjoy beverages on the go.