ORB™ Holiday Gift Guide Products

Holiday season is coming! Are you ready for some gift idea recommendations? Of course, it is never too early to wrap up the gifts full of love. One of the most difficult gifts idea is for kids. Because they always love new toys and they are sometimes very picky about the toys. Maybe some little ones are easier, but for the age 8+ years old, they are not that easy to deal with.

No worries, here are some great toys idea for your 8 year old kids.



Product description: Transform your world with ORB Morphimals™, the ever-changing, tactile toys that completely express themselves. Each one starts as a cool, collectible character—how it takes shape is totally up to you! Twist, mold, pull, or squish—the possibilities are endless! Is Shapesaurus a dino or a snake? The decision is yours to make.

Age: 8+

MSRP: $9.99 (US) $14.99 (CAN)

Availability: Target, Five Below, Toys “R” Us

ORB Slimi Café™ 

Product description:  ORB Slimi Café is a recipe for fun! Combine specially formulated ORB Soft’n Slo Squishies™ with revolutionary ORB Slimi Café™ Toppings—Jameez, Drizzlerz, Fluffiwhipz and Swirleez—to make slimi, squishy masterpieces. Mix, match, decorate and squeeze your unique creations. When you’re done squeezing, separate your toppings to make something new or store in the package to maintain freshness. And when you’re done squeezing, separate your squishys and toppings to make something new! For tips and tricks check out ORBSlimiCafé.com.

Age: 8+

MSRP: $5.97 each (US) $9.99 (CAN)

Retail availability: Loblaws, Indigo, Toys “R” Us, Mastermind Toys, Walmart, Claire’s, Justice, Michaels

ORB Odditeez™ 

Hot on the heels of mega-successful ORB Odditeez™ BeadiBallz and SlimiBallz, Plopzz and FuzionFoodz, comes a whole new collection of tactile toys bringing silly, wacky and weird back into the hands of children and adults alike. Expect an ultra-fun range of collectibles, from completely cute to creepy-crawly, that entertain for hours. These colorful, textural toys appeal to both girls and boys and are available in select retailers throughout North America and online.

ORB Odditeez™ Splatzeez™

Grip, mold, throw, peel back and start again! ORB Odditeez™ Splatzeez™ are the shape-able, SPLAATable characters that stick to walls, tables and more. These bold, bug-eyed collectibles are impossible to put down, with endless ways to transform, toss and stick them. Available in 12 styles including a Pug, Unicorn, Spider and more.

ORB Odditeez™ Wriggleballz

Ball it. Toss it. Watch it wriggle! ORB Odditeez™ Wriggleballz are small, sticky figures that come to life right before your eyes. Squash them into a ball, throw them against a flat surface and watch as they shimmy and squirm-they’re totally lifelike, totally fun! Available in six wacky styles including bugs, dogs, cats and more.

ORB Odditeez™ SlimiPalz™

Take out, play, and put away! ORB Odditeez™ SlimiPalz™ are the latest innovation in tactile toys. They masterfully combine the squeezable fun of a silly collectible character with a slimy surprise inside. Enjoy the perks of a seal-able, interior container for easy slime storage again and again. This funny, bug-eyed range of animal figures includes a caterpillar, rat and unicorn.

About ORB™:

ORB™ is recognized as the fastest growing toy and activities company in the world; shipping high-volume, high-quality trends, collectibles, crafts, compounds, and breakthrough art materials. Our goal? To create moments of awe and wonder and to build self-esteem in youth around the world through exceptional play experiences. Steve Kay launched ORB™ nearly 30 years ago with the Celestial Orb, a transforming, hand-held wire widget. More recently, Steve joined forces with Michael Bianco to rebrand The Orb Factory Ltd. as ORB™, reflecting its incredible growth and fresh vision. Today, ORB™ is known and respected for shipping hyper brands at hyper speeds.

Steve’s and Michael’s innovations in tactile toy design have translated into explosive brands like Bubbleezz™, ORB Slimy™, ORB Odditeez™, and Soft’n Slo Squishies™. These lines make ORB™ one of the most buzzworthy companies in the industry.