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    November New Baby Products

    It is hard to believe it is November already! After Halloween and Thanksgiving, Christmas time is on everyone’s mind. There is a list of friends that I have who are ready to welcome the Year 2020 babies soon.  There are no brainers when it comes to baby shower gift lists but there are new items that pop up every day that may no have crossed your radar. Here are some indie products we found gift-worthy for November!

    MACE Baby Bottles

    Paying for a premium bottle like this might not be for everyone but after trying numerous brands, your baby might not like any of them. The MACE bottle is different! “When choosing the right baby bottle, we understand a parents’ concerns. We want the safest experience for our little ones and the most peaceful experience for everyone! The aMACEing ZERO LEAK® Baby Bottle uses a patented nipple design to offer a leak-proof baby bottle. Milk only comes out when your baby is feeding on the nipple. If your baby stops, the flow stops! This reduces the chances of health-related and potentially life-threatening risks. Our patented leak-proof nipple also has a uniquely designed anti-colic vent that helps reduce colic and symptoms like burping, gas, and re-flux so feeding is always a great experience for both you and your baby.”

    Patch Organic Bandages

    Bamboo bandages for sensitive baby skin! My nephew has recently been obsessed with first aid kits and worrying how he can ‘fix’ your pain – These are really new and revolutionary. Definitely on my list of useful products that’s innovation and good for the environment. The designs are also cute and stylish too!

    PATCH is crafted with 100% organic bamboo fibre with the added natural goodness of activated charcoal, aloe vera and coconut oil.

    We take pride in using natural, organic, biodegradable and sustainable resources, that are historically proven to soothe symptoms whilst promoting wound recovery for even the most sensitive skin types.

    The Kitten, The Cat and the Apple


    A funny and whimsical storybook about the Kitten, the Cat and the Apple teachs young one how to deal with boredom and anxiety using these three characters. You can never have too many books and this is a good one to add to your library.

    When a cat goes out of its way to entertain its bored and impatient kitten leading to profound questions about the meaning of life, until eventually, both discover an obvious yet often overlooked answer.

    A deceptively simple story by Nicholas Tana, its profound message is certain to entertain both children and adults. Award-winning, German-based film composer, Richard Albert, teamed up with the author to create the perfect accompanying composition and sound design, in this marvelous philosophical addition to the New Classics Books collection.


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    Unicorn Fort, Bowling Game and More – New Toys From Antsy Pants

    Time to do toys shopping for kids! Yes, this is one of the gift shopping I really enjoy, because adults are big kids. That is so true. We all know kids love unicorns, and so do we. This year, Antsy Pants have some new unicorn toys for you and your kids to explore! Are you ready for that?

    New for holiday 2019, Antsy Pants will debut a new unicorn build and play kit, a unicorn bowling set and some fun games that foster development and encourage family time.

    Unicorn Build Kit (SRP $49.99) comes equipped with all the parts needed to build the unicorn. With a roll up door for easy entry, kids can climb in and pretend to be a magical creature.

    • 42 pieces
    • Includes fabric cover, color-coded poles and Snap & Click connectors, everything you’ll need to build your own Unicorn
    • Fabric cover includes roll up door for easy entry and opening on top to encourage play and imagination
    • Durable fabric works both indoors and outdoors
    • Easy to assemble, no tools necessary

    The Unicorn Bowling Set (SRP $24.99) is the perfect complement to the Unicorn Build Kit. Add the Antsy Pants Unicorn Hoppity (SRP $34.99) ride-on toy (not shown) and you have a magical unicorn themed gift collection.

    • 7pc set includes 6 unicorn pns and 1 bowling ball
    • Bowling pins and ball is weighted for extra stability
    • Great for indoor and outdoor play
    • Helps build fine motor skills, strength, hand-eye coordination, agility, judgment & concentration

    The Bingo Game (SRP $7.99) and the Tic Tac Toe Travel Mat (SRP $19.99) are classic games that encourage developmental play and together time.

    • 9 pieces
    • Includes fabric game mat and 4 x’s and 4 o’s
    • Game mat can also double as carrying case. Just sinch the rope and take it where ever you go
    • Great for indoor and outdoor play

    About Antsy Pants:

    Antsy Pants engaging Build and Play™ kids playhouse kits are designed to let kids’ imaginations run wild and get kids and families creating, imagining and building together.

    INSPIRE CREATIVITY – With the ability to build anything from a pirate ship that lets you sail the seven seas, to a castle that protects you from invading dragons, each kit encourages imaginative and limitless play.
    ENCOURAGE ACTIVE PLAY – According to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, only 1 in 3 children are physically active every day. We want to change to that. Antsy Pants is perfect for kids who are always climbing, building and exploring.
    STRONG & DURABLE BUILDS – With easy-to-assemble, high quality Snap and Click™ poles and connectors, kids can build each kit with the help of a friend or family member.
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    ORB™ Holiday Gift Guide Products

    Holiday season is coming! Are you ready for some gift idea recommendations? Of course, it is never too early to wrap up the gifts full of love. One of the most difficult gifts idea is for kids. Because they always love new toys and they are sometimes very picky about the toys. Maybe some little ones are easier, but for the age 8+ years old, they are not that easy to deal with.

    No worries, here are some great toys idea for your 8 year old kids.



    Product description: Transform your world with ORB Morphimals™, the ever-changing, tactile toys that completely express themselves. Each one starts as a cool, collectible character—how it takes shape is totally up to you! Twist, mold, pull, or squish—the possibilities are endless! Is Shapesaurus a dino or a snake? The decision is yours to make.

    Age: 8+

    MSRP: $9.99 (US) $14.99 (CAN)

    Availability: Target, Five Below, Toys “R” Us

    ORB Slimi Café™ 

    Product description:  ORB Slimi Café is a recipe for fun! Combine specially formulated ORB Soft’n Slo Squishies™ with revolutionary ORB Slimi Café™ Toppings—Jameez, Drizzlerz, Fluffiwhipz and Swirleez—to make slimi, squishy masterpieces. Mix, match, decorate and squeeze your unique creations. When you’re done squeezing, separate your toppings to make something new or store in the package to maintain freshness. And when you’re done squeezing, separate your squishys and toppings to make something new! For tips and tricks check out ORBSlimiCafé.com.

    Age: 8+

    MSRP: $5.97 each (US) $9.99 (CAN)

    Retail availability: Loblaws, Indigo, Toys “R” Us, Mastermind Toys, Walmart, Claire’s, Justice, Michaels

    ORB Odditeez™ 

    Hot on the heels of mega-successful ORB Odditeez™ BeadiBallz and SlimiBallz, Plopzz and FuzionFoodz, comes a whole new collection of tactile toys bringing silly, wacky and weird back into the hands of children and adults alike. Expect an ultra-fun range of collectibles, from completely cute to creepy-crawly, that entertain for hours. These colorful, textural toys appeal to both girls and boys and are available in select retailers throughout North America and online.

    ORB Odditeez™ Splatzeez™

    Grip, mold, throw, peel back and start again! ORB Odditeez™ Splatzeez™ are the shape-able, SPLAATable characters that stick to walls, tables and more. These bold, bug-eyed collectibles are impossible to put down, with endless ways to transform, toss and stick them. Available in 12 styles including a Pug, Unicorn, Spider and more.

    ORB Odditeez™ Wriggleballz

    Ball it. Toss it. Watch it wriggle! ORB Odditeez™ Wriggleballz are small, sticky figures that come to life right before your eyes. Squash them into a ball, throw them against a flat surface and watch as they shimmy and squirm-they’re totally lifelike, totally fun! Available in six wacky styles including bugs, dogs, cats and more.

    ORB Odditeez™ SlimiPalz™

    Take out, play, and put away! ORB Odditeez™ SlimiPalz™ are the latest innovation in tactile toys. They masterfully combine the squeezable fun of a silly collectible character with a slimy surprise inside. Enjoy the perks of a seal-able, interior container for easy slime storage again and again. This funny, bug-eyed range of animal figures includes a caterpillar, rat and unicorn.

    About ORB™:

    ORB™ is recognized as the fastest growing toy and activities company in the world; shipping high-volume, high-quality trends, collectibles, crafts, compounds, and breakthrough art materials. Our goal? To create moments of awe and wonder and to build self-esteem in youth around the world through exceptional play experiences. Steve Kay launched ORB™ nearly 30 years ago with the Celestial Orb, a transforming, hand-held wire widget. More recently, Steve joined forces with Michael Bianco to rebrand The Orb Factory Ltd. as ORB™, reflecting its incredible growth and fresh vision. Today, ORB™ is known and respected for shipping hyper brands at hyper speeds.

    Steve’s and Michael’s innovations in tactile toy design have translated into explosive brands like Bubbleezz™, ORB Slimy™, ORB Odditeez™, and Soft’n Slo Squishies™. These lines make ORB™ one of the most buzzworthy companies in the industry.

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    Great Gift for Guys – Customizable Pocket Knife Brand Deejo

    Inspired by the timeless tradition and transformative technology in Everyday Carry (EDC) items, Deejo® is excited to bring its custom-made pocket knives to the United States.For the first time, the award-winning My Deejo online design portal will be hosted in the United States in order to ensure fast, personalized service. Deejo aims to offer high quality and unique products without sacrificing time and details.

    The new My Deejo design portal will allow those in the United States to design their Deejo, without compromising on quality, timeliness or innovation, in order to create something truly personal for everyday carry.

    “Whether it be your phone, wallet, sunglasses, or pocket knife, there’s an art to what you carry and how it portrays who you are.” said Luc Foin, found of Deejo®. “EDC items are designed to simplify your life while also remaining highly portable and practical on-the-go, and now Deejo can ensure its product and service do the same in the United States”

    Deejo® began with a desire to rekindle the pleasure of having a knife in your pocket for wherever life may take you, but quickly became a way to express yourself and the things you admire. The Deejo® pocket knife is all about personalization. You can design a Deejo® with just a few clicks and to the finest detail, choosing from literally several thousand customization combinations to make a Deejo® that’s one-of-a-kind and personal. Choose from a variety of etched tattoos, weights, finishes and handles to make a custom Deejo®.

    Deejo® can be customized at www.deejo.com, and prices range from as low as $29 up to nearly $80 depending on the customization and selections chosen. With three-day international delivery, Deejo® guarantees your personalized knife gets delivered on time. Pre-designed Deejo® knives can also be found in hundreds of retail stores and outlets throughout the United States, including REI, Mast General Store and Hagan Ace Hardware (Florida). Learn more about Deejo® by visiting its website and joining the conversation on social media by following @deejo_knives.

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    Fully Dressed and Lit Tiny Christmas Trees Beam From Inside Upcycled Wine Magnums

    Cheerful Spirit Creations released its new line of holiday home decor centerpieces in New York City on May 16th during the Consumer Product Events Holiday Gift Guide media salon at the Millennium Broadway Hotel.

    In the spirit of all things sustainable, New York-based Cheerful Spirit Creations has created a line of “ship in a bottle-inspired” holiday centerpieces that glitter and glow from within upcycled clear glass wine magnums and are topped in elegant custom-colored foils. The bottle-brush trees are fully dressed in colorful ornaments and LED-lit holiday lights can be switched off from underneath the bottle. Each of the decor pieces retail between $42.00 and $50.00 and can be found at CheerfulSpirit.com. Proceeds of each piece sold benefits the “Grow New York City” park and planting programs.

    The design of the holiday trees range from flocked on evergreen to white and glittery, punky pink, burgundy and gold and all feature tiny LED-lights. Trees can be customized for special events or as themed centerpiece favors that range from pet lovers to flower power, plaid to plain. Cheerful Spirit Creations has been commissioned to design trees from hair salon industry organizations featuring tiny scissors and hair dryer ornaments to charity organizations to match a theme or branding.

    “We’ve captured the spirit of the holidays in a bottle, but on a tiny scale,” said Jennifer Vodrazka, CEO of Cheerful Spirit Creations. “I am a lover of all things holiday and wine, which served as the inspiration for this line of home decor.”

    About: Cheerful Spirit Creations is a holiday decor design atelier based in Scarsdale, New York. The brainchild of a holiday-phile, the line of miniature holiday trees, fully decked in lights and ornaments in various styles and color palates are housed inside locally sourced upcycled clear glass magnum wine bottles. The process of nestling the trees inside the bottles is a patented process. The LED-lit centerpieces feature switches on the bottom and can be customized to match corporate branding, design tastes, and even for different holidays such as Valentines or another special occasion.

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    Better Skin For The New Year

    For those ladies who always hunt for good skin cares, here is the best gift for them. Who don’t want the better skin for the next year? Let’s take a look of the gifts from Better Skin Company.

    Below are the products I recommend.

    Nicknamed “Genius in a Jar,” Mirakle Cream is the secret recipe of Natalya Rachkova, an Uzbekistanian aesthetician with 29 years experience. With the perfect blend of nature and science, Mirakle Cream is a one-stop, skin-saving, problem-solving, all purpose cream that cures over 25 ailments and counting. Handcrafted with love and natural ingredients such as beeswax, coconut oil, sea buckthorn, shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe and soothing algae to help moisturize, soften, balance and brighten skin. Perfect for day or night.

    Key Benefits:

    – Reduced signs of aging
    – Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
    – Improved elasticity
    – Improvement in collagen production
    – Firm, toned and tightened skin
    – Increased in radiance and luminosity
    – Increased hydration
    – Rapid re-hydration
    – Increased moisture retention in the skin
    – Reduction/Prevention or Elimination of dry, rough scaly skin
    – Decrease in hyper pigmentation (sun spots, age spots and other related dark spots)

    A daily cleanser, exfoliating scrub and revitalizing mask. Skin cleansing volcanic lava from France enriched with nourishing calendula, sweet orange and grapeseed oils, cucumber, parsley, and chamomile for healthy radiant, more youthful looking skin.

    Key Benefits:

    – A cleanser, scrub & mask
    – Excellent antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-yeast fighting skin cleanser
    – Buffs away dull surface cells creating a youthful glow
    – Retexturizes skin, leaving it soft, smooth and younger-looking
    – Helps diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars
    – Absorb excess skin oils
    – Anti-inflammatory
    – Helps prevent acne outbreaks
    – Stimulates collagen production
    – Helps calm rosacea, psoriasis and eczema
    – Rich in minerals
    – Minimizes pores
    – Minimizes blemishes

    Zit No More is a super strength zit stopper in an easy breezy rollerball. Zit apocalypse got you down?  Roll over those unsightly visitors and watch the healing magic begin. This wonder potion contains salicylic acid wrapped in THREE healing essential oils.  Dry up those pore- offending criminals while nature’s warriors moisturize and heal the skin. The formula is boosted with PhytoVie®, stopping pollution in its tracks and providing you with the ultimate zit shield. Results are so fast your friends may never know you had a visitor.

    Better Skin Co. Gift Set, $75, www.BetterSkinCo.comThis set is a one-stop, skin-saving, problem-solving solution to better skin. The set includes the only 3 skin essentials your multi-tasking friends needs to look her best.  The all-purpose Mirakle Cream moisturizes, softens, balances and brightens skin, Zit No More stops zits in their tracks even on the go, and Lava Magik is a cleanser, scrub and mask all in one!

    The Story:

    The Better Skin Company, creators of  Better Skin Mirakle Cream, was founded in 2015 by the dynamic duo of Natalya Rachkova and Murphy D. Bishop, II.   In search of the American dream, Natalya and her family emigrated from The Republic of Uzbekistan to Seattle, WA.  Tucked away carefully with her most prized possessions was her secret recipe for her famous miracle cream.

    Murphy convinced Natalya to allow him to take her precious recipe to chemists in hopes of scaling up the small-batch, home-brewed cream to meet the growing demand.  The chemists succeeded and The Better Skin Co. was born.

    Natalya is now a proud US citizen and Better Skin Mirakle Cream is ready to be shared with the world. Better Skin Mirakle Cream is filled with love, history, natural ingredients, a bit of science, and a good measure of great karma so that everyone can radiate their best skin ever.