Bump Boxes begins providing breast pumps to expecting Moms

Apr. 28, 2020 (PEORIA, Ill.)—Bump Boxes, the #1 pregnancy subscription box, aims to ease and accelerate the process for expecting mothers to claim a free breast pump with insurance.

All from the Bump Boxes website, Moms will be able to fill out an easy-to-use application form with their insurance provider, and once coverage is verified, Bump Boxes will get a prescription from your doctor. From there, Moms will be able to select which breast pump is best for her and baby and have the breast pump shipped straight to her—for little to no out-of-pocket cost.

“Our goal is to make it easier for Mom to receive a breast pump when she needs it, and reduce the waiting time to receive it,” Christine Deehring, CEO and co-founder of Bump Boxes, said. “We want Mom to have the best products in her hands exactly when she needs them. Most health insurance providers are required to provide breastfeeding support, counseling, and equipment—which includes the cost of a pump.”

Without insurance, breast pumps can cost anywhere between $15 and $2,000, depending on if they are manual or electric.

“We want to alleviate any headache or confusion Mom could have during the process of selecting a breast pump that’s right for her,” CPO and co-founder of Bump Boxes Leland Deehring said. “We essentially take all of the work out of this for Mom—she just has to fill out an application form, and we take care of everything else for her.”

Moms interested in getting their breast pump through Bump Boxes are able to select between a variety of brands depending on their insurance coverage, such as Ameda, Ardo, Elvie, Lansinoh, Motif, Medela, Spectra, Evenflo, and Freemie.

“Mom deserves that the best options be presented to her, with as little hassle as possible,”  Paul Singh, CRO of Bump Boxes, said. “The form is easy to fill out, and takes only a few minutes for Mom to submit her information. Bump Boxes will then suggest the best breast pump option based on mom’s location and insurance coverage.”

Those interested in applying for a free breast pump with insurance are able to go to https://bumpboxes.com/free-breast-pump to get started today.