Moso for every room in your home!

Moso Bags are a very simple andeffective solution for a smelly refrigerator, providing odorless and chemical-free resultswithin hours of placement! These bags might be small but they are mighty: All-natural bamboo charcoal contains millions of tiny pores that can attract and absorb odors, bacteria, chemicals and moisture from the fridge like a magnetic sponge (including spoiled produce or foods with strong scents like fish). They also keep your produce fresh by absorbing ethylene gas, a naturally occurring gas from fruits and vegetables that causes them to ripen quickly.Moso Bags are also reusable for up to 2 years, ensuring the fridge is fresh year-round.

There are so many places you can put the MOSO bag! Here are some ideas for around our home.

1. Car – It absorbs any food, smoke or random forgotten diapers, dog smells!

2. Nursery – Keeping one in and by the diaper genie is one of the best ways to keep smells at bay

3. Kitchen – In the fridge! My mom use to put open boxes of baking soda but these cute little Moso bags work well too.  Under the sink by the wet trash can too

4. Bathroom – What about just absorbing moisture and mildew type smells? Yes!

5. Bedroom – In the closets to keep clothes smelling – In Vegas, the casinos all have smoke so if you go out, your clothes might smell of smoke when you get back so this is a life saver.

All bags are fragrance-freenatural annon-toxic. For space saving convenience, a suction cup is also included to hang the bag out of the way of groceries. MSRP $8.95 and available online at