Posts Written On June 19, 2020

New Smart Product Finally Gives You The Perfect Drink

Designed with coffee maker ease, Mixfit V2 measures out a refreshing beverage that’s packed with a precision stack of personalized nutrients. It tailors everything in real-time to your individual health profile and includes factors like age, gender, weight, geographic location and even air-pollution. Plus everything can be dialed in wirelessly right from your smartphone and its companion app (MINA).

MixFit V2 works seamlessly with other food tracking apps, fitness wearables, and even integrates smart imaging technology. It couldn’t be any easier!

A big piece of your personal health is getting the right balance of nutrients for you. Mixfit is one of the first nutritional beverage systems to develop a profile based on your individual nutrient needs. That means it looks at and adjust nutrients delivered based on exactly what you eat, how active you are and other key pieces of information to fill your daily gaps in nutrients.


  • Works with the proprietary, AI-powered app, MINA.
  • MINA converts your activity and diet information into daily nutritional drinks mixed with 23 vitamins and minerals, precisely for you.
  • Your Mixfit profile works on any Mixfit system. At your office, gym, or home.
  • Mixfit Two ® supports multiple users through the frictionless Bluetooth platform.
  • Be among the first to experience real-time personalized nutrition!

Key Features

  • Sleek Italian designed device.
  • This smart device automatically re-orders nutrients with subscription when running low.
  • 1 Mixfit blender cup per subscription.
  • Two great tasting flavors: Citrus Kick & In Bloom.
  • Easy to clean removable water reservoir, removable drip tray and nutrient canisters.
  • Adjusts antioxidants based on information on local air quality.

  1. Monitoring and fine-tuning: MINA monitors your health data from existing personal digital devices like Apple Watch, Fitbit and other diagnostics devices to further adjust your nutrients.
  2. Try the app. Try MINA: See how MINA analyzes and displays your nutritional gap – the difference between the nutrients you get from food and the nutrients you need daily.
  3. A system that learns and keeps learning: MINA was trained by nutritionists, data scientists, and third party research. And it keeps learning with your input.
  4. MINA is Super Smart: The Mixfit Intelligent Nutrition Assistant customizes real-time supplement delivery based on your profile, your diet, and activity level.

Mixfit V2 cost is $180. The consumables are available by subscription at $59/month. The company will also be working to partner with different channels like gyms and apartments making the drinks available on a pay-per-drink basis. Upon launch Mixfit V2 and consumables will be available in U.S., and select countries in Europe.