GANT is a company driven by a simple idea: Never Stop Learning.

GANT is a company driven by a simple idea: Never Stop Learning. It’s a belief that has guided us since 1949 when Bernard Gantmacher founded a shirtmaking company in the college town of New Haven, Connecticut.

Since 1949, GANT has designed timeless pieces made to last, made from 89% natural materials and inspired by classic cuts that never go out of style. To take this to the next level, GANT has also published the following goals for their stride to a greener business:

2022 – GANT´s cotton will be 100% sustainably sourced
2025 – GANT will reduce its water use in manufacturing by 50%
2025 – GANT’s key materials will be 100% sustainably sourced
2030 – GANT will reduce its climate footprint by 30% throughout all operations

There are so many fashion companies but few are doing what GANT is doing in terms of making their business greener. Fast fashion has been known to be filling landfills with junk season after season and sustainable fashion brands, designed to last is how to reverse the situation. I must admit that I have been purchasing fast fashion for a long time but now I am ready to really revamp my wardrobe. On the note of “never stop learning”, turning 36 has been a turning point for me, where I now know, what don’t know! I realized there are many things I can improve my life upon. I’m really and adult, a mom and a wife… should probably change my mindset about lots of things, but let’s start with my closet!

I have also been following minimalist blogs that also stress this point. Minimize materials, have a few key, loved and special quality items. It changes everything. I am also following Dave Ramsey’s book and his teaching about how to get financially smart and live debt free!

After checking out the GANT site, I really love some of the pieces. This GANT shirt for women is so versatile and can be worn in so many different ways. One shirt that looks good dressed up or down! Poplin gives an edge to a plain white shirt and I think is flattering for everyone.

Perfect for under blazers or sweaters, our stretch broadcloth shirts are a GANT classic. In a crisp cotton broadcloth (also known as poplin), this season’s shirt features a French-inspired polka dot that’s both playful and timeless. And with a hint of stretch for comfort and a flattering fit, this shirt is a no-brainer.

  • Stretch cotton broadcloth
  • Slim fit
  • Made in Portugal

Check out the GANT site and see if you find something you love to update your wardrobe with!