Dog Mom Calendar

New from author and illustrator Isabel Serna comes Dog Mom: A Love Story (September 1, 2020; $12.95), a celebration of the unique bond between dog parent and pup with charming text and vibrant artwork. From sweet mottos: “The snuggle is real,” to silly puppy puns: “Pardon my Frenchie.” There are fun facts—did you know that just like human fingerprints, no two dogs’ noseprints are the same? And obvious signs that may indicate dog mom status, like planning out your pup’s Halloween outfit months in advance.Plus, it includes a colorful sheet of dog-themed stickers!

Dog Mom is the perfect gift for the proud, self-proclaimed dog moms of the world! And here to help keep busy schedules filled with both human and dog events and obligations on track are Isabel’s beautifully illustrated calendars for 2021:Dog Mom Personal 17-Month 2021 Wall Calendar and Dog Mom Mini Wall Calendar 2021.