Three Paws’ New Family by Karen Struck


Following her delightful and beloved debut children’s book, Three Paws, author Karen Struck is back at it again with her latest release, Three Paws’ New Family [Page Publishing, March 2020]. Through gorgeous illustrations and a fun new cast of characters, Struck takes readers right back to the heart of the Alaskan wilderness for another adventure with Boots, her adorable three-pawed Grizzly bear and his new buddies.

In Three Paws’ New Family, Boots befriends a black bear named Sockeye and her Mexican brother, Pepe, the iguana. Sockeye has lost her mother and is not old enough to live on her own. Her prayers are answered when she meets little Pepe, who escaped his human family’s home in Ketchikan to explore the beautiful Alaskan wilderness but lost his way back home. A lonely bear cub and a lost iguana become a “family” relying on each other for companionship, friendship, and survival skills.

When Boots comes face-to-face with the open jaws of a hungry lion, he is left to wonder who will help him. If he survives this attack, how will he defend himself in the future with only three paws? The answer may be waiting for him high above in the mighty Sitka spruce, the official state tree of Alaska.

“Every family looks different, and family can come in many different forms,” says Struck. “What is most important is knowing who will be there for you when you need them most – that is what true family is!”

Around the launch of Three Paws’ New Family, Struck is available for interviews, Q&A’s, and byline articles and can discuss topics such as:

·      The true meaning of family

·      How to use Three Paws’ New Family to teach your children about the different types of families there are

·      How our differences are actually strengths

·      What true friendship means, and how to teach your children to be a good friend to others

“I hope Three Paws’ New Family helps kids that come from unconventional families see that all of our families are different,” adds Struck, “and that the most important thing is, your family loves you unconditionally, and always has your back, no matter what.”

KAREN STRUCK discovered the joy of children’s literature as she read to her daughter each night. She was inspired by the Harry Potter book series, and decided to take writing courses through the Institute of Children’s Literature.

Karen is also a registered nurse and works in the aesthetic industry, performing laser treatments combined with injectables for skin rejuvenation. She works with her husband, Steve, a plastic surgeon in Atherton, California. Residing in Los Gatos, California, Karen has a daughter named Rachel and two stepchildren, Danni and Evan Struck.

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Three Paws’ New Family  is available through Amazon and other major booksellers.