7 Ways To Be More Spiritual

7 Ways To Be More Spiritual

The spirituality concept entails believing in something greater than the self. This doesn’t necessarily mean that to be spiritual, you also need to be religious. That’s far from the case as being spiritual also entails making you more connected to the universe and other beings. Learning to be spiritual is beneficial as it may help you have relief from the stress of today’s hectic everyday life, making your life more comforting. 

With one of the many benefits of being spiritual is mentioned, how do you become more spiritual? If you’ve been searching for the answer to this question, look no further. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the ways through which you can become a lot more spiritual. 

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  • Embrace Your Feelings 

Before exploring the different types of spirituality, the first step that you need to take so you can be more spiritual is to embrace your feelings. This is a crucial step since understanding your feelings is necessary and healthy for your overall wellbeing. It’s only by doing this that you establish a deeper connection with yourself. 

Moreover, it’s only through embracing your feelings that you get to deal with the feelings you would’ve otherwise opted to avoid altogether. As a result, you avoid detrimental coping mechanisms such as:

  • Excessive drinking 
  • Overworking yourself at the gym or work 
  • Sticking in an unhealthy relationship 

Therefore, the simple act of accepting your feelings, regardless of how uncomfortable they may be, is an ideal solution rather than numbing your feelings. Doing this enables you to express yourself according to your current emotions, too.

  • Practice Gratitude

Another way of becoming more spiritual is by being thankful for all you have to God, the universe, or any higher being in whom you believe. While this might look insignificant, it does wonder in strengthening your spirituality as it makes you a lot more considerate, happier, and patient. This means that even when things aren’t going according to plan, you remain grateful even for what you don’t have control over. 

One effective way of practicing gratitude is by having a gratitude journal. In this journal, you list everything you’re thankful for every day, including the individuals, things, places, and experiences that have contributed to making you a happier person. 

However, you shouldn’t only focus on writing the positive aspects of life. Instead, you also need to set aside time to write the trying moments and re-read them. This allows you to acknowledge that even the darkest of days still adds beauty to the world and in your life. 

  • Pray 

If you’re a religious and spiritual individual, then praying is undoubtedly a practice you should include in your daily routine. Prayer makes you more spiritual by teaching you to be courageous enough to request what you’ve long desired. 

In addition, praying teaches you the art of being patient as you know that a heavenly being doesn’t have to respond to your desires immediately. Instead, you get to learn how to listen more and be more understanding. As a result, through prayer, you become more open-minded as you know that your requests don’t have to be answered or you need to wait for them to be fulfilled.

  • Surround Yourself With Nature 

Today, our lives are mostly characterized by spending most of the time in cities, a breathing space filled with human energy. The energy in this environment is usually not tranquil and gentle, but it’s rather stressful, fast-paced, and hectic. All this can, over time, become overwhelming, making it hard to focus on your spirituality as your mind is all over the place. 

An excellent solution for this would be to go to nature, which is a living and calming space. Due to this peaceful and gentle energy given by the living energy, you start to feel a lot calmer and relaxed. Spending this time in mother nature alongside the plants and trees does an excellent job of improving your overall wellbeing. 

  • Laugh More 

To be spiritual, you also need to be content with everything and everyone in your life, and there’s no better way of showing this than through laughter. By laughing, you get converted into a metaphysical human as it carries in its happiness, playfulness, joy, fun, and silliness. This, then, directly impacts everyone and everything that’s surrounding you. 

Moreover, laughter makes you oblivious to whatever you might be going through, instead, you’ll be more content with everything available to you. As a result, you become more spiritual. 

  • Practice Meditation 

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways of becoming more spiritual is to practice meditation with each passing day. Meditation enters you into a deeper connection with the present moment while disconnecting you from the frantic events in your daily life. 

There are different styles and approaches of meditating, and the one to go with depends on your preference. Whichever approach or style you prefer, make sure to set aside a specific time during the day when you can connect with yourself and the universe. 

For mediation to be effective in making you more spiritual, you need to be consistent. In addition, you should only start with a couple of minutes and increase how much time you’ll spend on meditating. By sticking to such a routine, you’ll be on track to achieving a greater purpose than ever before. 

  • Find A Mentor

The person you surround yourself with also plays a great role in your journey to become more spiritual. If you wish to be more spiritual, this means surrounding yourself with individuals who’re a lot more spiritual than yourself. 

Through these interactions, you get to know about any concerns, doubts, or questions between you and your spirituality. This will be invaluable when you’re experiencing hard times as you get useful wisdom to address matters you wouldn’t have managed by yourself. Therefore, make sure to schedule regular meetings with these individuals as this will be an excellent way to increase your spirituality.    


Humans, by nature, are inclined to be religious and spiritual, especially as they try and cope with this hectic world. If becoming spiritual is your desire, this guide has highlighted various ways you can become more spiritual. You should only incorporate those that you feel will work for you as spirituality is usually unique to every person; it’s based on your past, personality, and beliefs.