Challenge Yourselves to A Workout Look and Feel Sexy, Swanky and Comfortable with Zizzy Fit

New Year Resolution doesn’t need to be waited until the next year when it comes to be healthy and fit. I believe a lot of you guys want to be more active for a long time, but always feel lazy or something there to delay your workout plan. No worries if you are just like that, because so am I. I feel a big reason that I don’t like to make the workout to be a daily routine is I feel so lazy to change. Yes, I need to change to a very tight and uncomfortable workout outfit first and then I need to change back to the normal outfits after, that is too many works.

What if the active outwear is comfortable and attractive enough? And even you don’t need to change back because you still look good in that? I believe your New Year Resolution will come true with the help of Izzy Fit Activewear.

Founded by Latina entrepreneur, Sonya Samour, she hopes Zizzy Fit will encourage you to live healthier lifestyles.

Sonya’s fitness journey has not been an easy one. She had to balance her career, being a wife, and a mother. It wasn’t until her health started affecting her mentally and physically that she knew she had to make a change. She wanted comfort and style to make her feel confident enough to want to start her fitness journey. In 2020, she started creating custom pieces that offered everything she needed to want to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. That’s when Zizzy Fit was born. Her pieces are designed and custom made to make you look and more importantly, feel your best.

Samour designed her first collection by having real guards-down conversations with women who love the idea of wearing athleisure on a daily basis but struggled to find practical pieces that suited their daily routines. Some of the pain points Samour found she needed to address were the need to eliminate purses and fabrics that were comfortable for all-day wear and could work for any setting.

“I wanted to create a line that makes women feel confident and secure in their athletic apparel,” shares Samour. “Zizzy Fit’s vision is for all women of all body sizes and all colors and all ages to own their fitness journey. We all have different walks of life, different starting points, but our motivation to get healthier is what bonds us as a community.”


“The Perfect Fit” sports bra with superior quality, custom designed to empower you!

Color: Slay – Perfect for any style
Featuring: Full Support; Removable Cups; Wicking Activation, Helps Pulls Moisture Off Skin Racerback Design to Highlight Shoulder Blades; Form-fitting and SeamlessLengthily at Midsection for Extra Comfort and Coverage; Custom Made Scoop Neckline to Accentuate Collarbones; Polyester and Spandex Blend


The Perfect Fit” leggings with superior quality, custom designed to empower you!

Color: Slay – Perfect for any style

Featuring: Exclusive Design Technology; Squat Smart Engineering, Non-Transparent; Wicking Activation, Helps Pulls Moisture Off Skin; Signature “Heart” Back Design; Front/Inner/Outer Seams for a Slimmer Silhouette; Big Pockets for Cell Phones, Keys and Small Wallets; Super Soft Fabric and Form-fitting; Compressed High-Rise Waistband; Full length

Zizzy Fit’s mission of empowering women has forced us to rethink women’s activewear and what today’s women really want and need from the pieces they purchase. Launched on March 28, Zizzy Fit has been offering the ideal balance of comfort, practicality, and fashion with every piece of clothing.

Zizzy Fit is known for their unique designs that accentuate parts of the body that can make you feel confident in your clothes, whether you’re working out at the gym or cooking in your own kitchens.

For example, the racerback sports bra emphasizes the collarbones and shoulder blades. Sports bras are elongated so they can be worn as tank tops while on the go. Removable pads offer privacy while also staying in place, a feat that many athleticwear manufacturers have yet to master.

The sports bras aren’t the only product that has received Samour’s design prowess. Zizzy Fit’s leggings are quickly carving a name in the competitive leggings sector, thanks to inner and outer seams for a slimmer silhouette. The 4 ½-inch double-layered waistband measures longer than most high-waisted leggings, making it ideal for tummy compression. The leggings also have deep side pockets that will fit a smartphone or a set of keys without compromise.

Fitness clothing has become more than just a fashion choice for women. For them, it’s more like a lifestyle — one that aims to transform fitness from being something you do to something you live.