Lifestyle Expert Meredith Staggers Shares Tips for a Cozy Home this Fall

As we move into fall and watch the leaves change color, our instinct is to naturally transition from the outdoor social activities of summer to nesting inside, leaning into warmth and coziness. Meredith Staggers, Founder and Owner of Cake & Confetti, shares smart, creative tips for tidying up the household as we welcome fall.

Don’t wait to do laundry. Letting laundry accumulate, is grounds for a stinky and messy house. Split the dirty laundry in more manageable stacks and make sure to use a reliable laundry detergent. Since dry and sensitive skin is common during the cooler months, I like using a hypoallergenic and gentle detergent like Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin Plus Hypoallergenic Fresh Scent as it’s safe for skin, but it doesn’t skip on freshness.

Stash away your summer clothes. With cooler weather making an appearance, it’s time to make room for cold weather clothes. Take time as a family to sort clothes that won’t be worn during the cold months, and even make a donate pile for clothes that have been outgrown. Putting away clothes that won’t be worn for months is a good way to feel more organized and even make room for some new sweaters.

Make cleaning fun. When you have kids or pets, toys find their way throughout the house. Instead of taking on picking them up yourself, make it a game for young ones and the rest of the family, and race to see who can clean up faster or sort toys according to color or category.

Ignite your Senses. Choose a candle scent that’s comforting to you. Filling your home with a warm fragrance will spark fond memories and even a physical relaxation response. When we activate the senses, it can make us pause and feel grateful for friends and family who fill our home. That’s what brings us the most warmth and happiness. Dirt doesn’t have to become the new normal. While hiking and apple picking outdoors are fun fall activities, they may result in dirty, grimy floors. Mixing 1/3 cup of bleach, a gallon of water, and a teaspoon of Arm & Hammer Odor Blasters, Fresh Burst laundry detergent to make an all-purpose cleaner can work out tough stains, leaving your floors squeaky clean and smelling fresh.

Get ready for overnight guests. Fall is the time of year we typically get more overnight visits from family around the holidays, with kids out of school and people having time off from work. Prepare for these overnight visits and freshen up the guest rooms by washing bedding or blankets with Arm & Hammer In-Wash Scent Booster, Fresh Boost, or adding a fragrant air freshener to make their stay cozier.

“Believe it or not, autumn brings in more dirt, sweat, and stains than we realize. With good hygiene being a top priority this year, make sure to tidy up the household as much as possible to ensure a comfortable and clean home,” adds Staggers.