KAILU Is Named “Best Duvet” and “Best Luxury Comforter” by Women’s Health magazine

Bedding fit for an emperor! Kailu uses specialized raw silk harvested from the Yangtze River Delta in villages that once outfitted emperors, local artisans infuse history and heritage into handmade bedding. Founded by EMMY-award-winning journalist and former magazine editor LiLi Tan, immerse yourself in the luxury of raw silk every night and feel like royalty. Rooted in heritage, redefined for the way we live now in comfort and style.

Heritage Duvet Set

Winner of Best Duvet, Women’s Health magazine Healthy Sleep Awards, 2021

Named Best Luxury Comforter, WomensHealthMag.com 12 Best Cooling Comforters, 2021

KAILU’s raw silk duvet is the product of old-world artisanal handcraft and modern design, resulting in a uniquely luxurious sleep experience. With an ultra-smooth feel and evenly pressured weight, our duvet is filled with fluffy raw silk that is hand stretched into blanket-size layers, stacked, and then hand stitched to prevent shifting and cold spots.

This all-season duvet set has been thoughtfully designed for year-round comfort. It has a single or dual core, allowing you to purchase your ideal weight and easily customize your duvet for warmer or cooler months. Plus, every set comes with a washable duvet cover to ensure a long life. Experience thousands of years of heritage, all from your bed.

Open Road Portable Throw Set

Gift with Purchase: For a limited time, receive a mulberry silk eye mask with throw purchase.

Make stargazing, movie nights on the sofa, hotel stays, plane travel, and even working from home more luxurious with KAILU’s three-piece set. The throw’s ultra-smooth feel and temperature-regulating features will keep you comfortable indoors and out, and the set’s compact shape and light weight make it easy to carry without taking up extra room in your luggage.

Like KAILU Heritage Duvet, this portable throw is filled with raw silk that is hand stretched into blanket-size layers. The set includes the raw silk throw and a removable, washable cover for ultimate versatility and so that you can comfortably use it anywhere with peace of mind. Make a statement by choosing from two cover designs: white with black piping detail, or two-tone — a vintage 1950s Shanghai peony-and-bird pattern printed on vibrant emerald linen on one side, and white on the other. The set also includes a linen drawstring carrying pouch designed for global explorers and homebodies alike.



The name is inspired by Kailushen, a Chinese god (shen) who removes barriers and clears the way

Founded in 2018, KAILU began with a simple mission: to open the road for those who are curious about the world, ready to explore new ideas and discover new experiences, and desirous of meaningful goods that benefit others and themselves. In villages that once outfitted emperors, local artisans infuse history and heritage into handmade bedding. They hope that by unveiling the traditions, they will clear the way for connections that transcend time and place, and bring us closer together.