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    Lifestyle Expert Meredith Staggers Shares Tips for a Cozy Home this Fall

    As we move into fall and watch the leaves change color, our instinct is to naturally transition from the outdoor social activities of summer to nesting inside, leaning into warmth and coziness. Meredith Staggers, Founder and Owner of Cake & Confetti, shares smart, creative tips for tidying up the household as we welcome fall.

    Don’t wait to do laundry. Letting laundry accumulate, is grounds for a stinky and messy house. Split the dirty laundry in more manageable stacks and make sure to use a reliable laundry detergent. Since dry and sensitive skin is common during the cooler months, I like using a hypoallergenic and gentle detergent like Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin Plus Hypoallergenic Fresh Scent as it’s safe for skin, but it doesn’t skip on freshness.

    Stash away your summer clothes. With cooler weather making an appearance, it’s time to make room for cold weather clothes. Take time as a family to sort clothes that won’t be worn during the cold months, and even make a donate pile for clothes that have been outgrown. Putting away clothes that won’t be worn for months is a good way to feel more organized and even make room for some new sweaters.

    Make cleaning fun. When you have kids or pets, toys find their way throughout the house. Instead of taking on picking them up yourself, make it a game for young ones and the rest of the family, and race to see who can clean up faster or sort toys according to color or category.

    Ignite your Senses. Choose a candle scent that’s comforting to you. Filling your home with a warm fragrance will spark fond memories and even a physical relaxation response. When we activate the senses, it can make us pause and feel grateful for friends and family who fill our home. That’s what brings us the most warmth and happiness. Dirt doesn’t have to become the new normal. While hiking and apple picking outdoors are fun fall activities, they may result in dirty, grimy floors. Mixing 1/3 cup of bleach, a gallon of water, and a teaspoon of Arm & Hammer Odor Blasters, Fresh Burst laundry detergent to make an all-purpose cleaner can work out tough stains, leaving your floors squeaky clean and smelling fresh.

    Get ready for overnight guests. Fall is the time of year we typically get more overnight visits from family around the holidays, with kids out of school and people having time off from work. Prepare for these overnight visits and freshen up the guest rooms by washing bedding or blankets with Arm & Hammer In-Wash Scent Booster, Fresh Boost, or adding a fragrant air freshener to make their stay cozier.

    “Believe it or not, autumn brings in more dirt, sweat, and stains than we realize. With good hygiene being a top priority this year, make sure to tidy up the household as much as possible to ensure a comfortable and clean home,” adds Staggers.

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    Dermatologist Julie Russak Shares Six Skincare Tips to Alleviate the Winter Itch

    When the cold weather arrives, so does lowered humidity, making dry and itchy skin an uncomfortable but customary part of the winter season as the body naturally reacts to the abrupt temperature changes. In addition to seasonal changes, drying soaps and detergents can trigger factors such as eczema, psoriasis, and aging creating additional seasonal skin irritation. Julie Russak, M.D., FAAD., Board-Certified Dermatologist and founder of Russak Dermatology Clinic and Russak+ Aesthetic Center provides advice on how to best care for skin in the colder weather.

    “Paying careful attention to your own body and taking note of any skin discomfort is one of the first steps to relieve any itching and dryness,” says Dr.  Russak. “Because skin irritation is common during the winter, with cold weather as one of the top culprits for itchy skin, there are many over-the-counter treatments available to help quickly address winter itch at the first sign of discomfort.”

    To help soothe itchy and dry skin, try the following tips:

    1. Pay attention to your skin type. It’s important to use skincare products geared specifically for your skin type – whether it’s normal, dry, oily, combination or sensitive skin. Oil-free soap is recommended for acne-prone skin and for dry skin, it is best to avoid witch hazel.
    2. Apply an intensive moisturizer or ointment when stepping out of the shower. Water evaporates off the skin quickly after a shower and can leave skin feeling dry, making it the perfect time to moisturize skin. Powerhouse ingredients like hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, and petrolatum bind water and help retain moisture. Petrolatum is used in products like Aquaphor Healing ointment which can be used to soothe over dry and cracked skin as well as prevent moisture loss.
    3. Use oil-free and fragrance-free soaps, lotions, and creams. Those who frequently hand-wash and bathe use plenty of drying soaps with irritating ingredients which further cause skin discomfort in the winter. Make sure to apply a fragrance-free lotion or hand cream after washing hands to help soothe and subdue dry and patchy skin.
    4. Use a hypoallergenic, fragrance free laundry detergent. Laundry detergent with artificial dyes and skin irritants can trigger skin reactions and cause further irritation to dry skin – especially with all of winter’s extra clothing: layers, scarves, sweaters, hats, and now masks. Try Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin, Free & Clear detergent when washing clothing and face masks—this product is specifically formulated for sensitive skin and dermatologist-tested to help avoid skin irritation and itchiness altogether, and avoid products that advertise “wrinkle free” such as drying sheets.
    5. Advance to a thicker cream or ointment if lotion isn’t hydrating enough. For those who need extra moisture and protection from the dry air, a cream is a great barrier for the skin since it’s thicker, locking in moisture. For a comprehensive winter skin routine, try a light serum on the face followed by a thicker cream or oil.
    6. Avoid extreme temperature changes. A humidifier is great for those who suffer from dry skin and eczema as temperatures fluctuate throughout the seasons. A humidifier can help the indoor spaces maintain a relatively cool environment with a humidity level of 30-40% for the winter months.

    “While over the counter options are quick and simple to implement into your lifestyle, make sure to consult your dermatologist before making any extreme changes to skincare and see if these changes are right for your skin conditions,” adds Russak.

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    Make Everyday’s Life Easy and Clean with These Amazing Clean Products

    We’ve all heard of the produce names to the 2019 Dirty Dozen List (kale was the latest shocker!). A new product from Arm & Hammer can ensure those fruits and vegetables are still good to eat. The Arm & Hammer Fruit & Vegetable Wash, available at Amazon and other select retailers, removes more than 90 percent of pesticides, dirt and wax.

    If you’re only rinsing your produce with water, that doesn’t mean it’s clean. Water does not completely eliminate pesticides or the wax that is sprayed on produce to help extend shelf life.

    With a few simple steps and the help of Arm & Hammer Fruit & Vegetable Wash you can help your family live a healthier lifestyle by removing up to 90% of pesticide residue* for a clean you can see. Just spray, rub, rinse and enjoy cleaner produce.

    • CLEANER PRODUCE: Arm & Hammer Fruit and Vegetable Wash eliminates over 90% of pesticide residue (commonly used Thiabendazole Pesticide) when used as directed.
    • BETTER RESULTS: With the help of just 7 ingredients, Arm & Hammer Fruit and Vegetable Wash removes surface pesticides 4x better than water alone when used as directed.
    • SAFE: Arm & Hammer Fruit and Vegetable Wash is free from harsh chemicals, leaves no taste or odor behind, is gluten-free and vegan-friendly.
    • SIMPLE INGREDIENTS: Our fruit & veggie wash uses baking soda to help eliminate pesticide residue and plant-derived cleaning agents and lemon oil to cut through wax sprayed on produce, making them cleaner and healthier to eat.
    • 3 STEP PROCESS: Enjoy cleaner produce in 3 simple steps – just spray, rub, and rinse!
    • SAFER CHOICE CERTIFIED: Our Fruit & Vegetable Wash is the first food-contact product to get the Safer Choice Certification, which helps consumers find products that are safer for human health and the environment.

    Bring back brilliant whites with OxiClean™ White Revive™ Laundry Whitener + Stain Remover Liquid. This laundry whitener works with your laundry detergent to whiten white clothes 40% better than chlorine bleach with no chlorine smell and it’s safe on colors. Now you can maintain and revive your dingy white clothes and help keep them looking like new longer with OxiClean™ White Revive™ Laundry Whitener + Stain Remover Liquid.

    • Brightens and whitens without chlorine bleach
    • Safe on colorfast fabrics
    • No harsh chlorine smell

    OxiClean recently released their stain pen. The pen harnesses the power of OxiClean in a convenient travel pen, complete with a stain scrubbing tip. Getting out ink stains with OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover Powder.

    Hmmm, where did you forget that pen? Working hard can sometimes lead to forgetful accidents, like leaving a pen or marker in your pocket with the cap off. What a huge mess! But don’t worry, OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover can help erase that stain, and the worry that goes with it.

    Always test OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover on an inconspicuous area first. Rinse, and allow it to dry. Safe on colorfast fabrics only. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions for water temperature and for cleaning. Do not use on wool, wool blends, silk, silk blends, leather or on fabrics labeled dry-clean only.

    MIX – Fill scoop to line 1 per 16 ounces of water to create solution and pretreat the stain with the solution for 10 minutes.

    WASH – as normal with detergent and OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover.

    Sometimes working, and playing, hard can lead to difficult stains to remove, such as coffee and wine. But with OxiClean™ you can Get the Tough Stains Out! To spot treat some of your toughest stains try OxiClean™ MaxForce™ Spray.

    Biz Stain Fighter is my new go-to. It turns my bargain laundry detergent into a superpower–I’m talking dollar-store brands that can now compete with Tide! Biz is now available in its original powder and liquid formulas and new booster packs.

    • Cleans up to 80% BETTER than detergent alone
    • MORE STAIN FIGHTERS than other brands
    • Fights tough stains BETTER THAN LEADING BRANDS guaranteed!
    • Contains a UNIQUE blend of enzymes which quickly dissolves stains and odors
    • Made with BIODEGRADABLE surfactants

    Pre-treat stains directly with BIZ® liquid by wetting the area with warm water and applying Biz. Rub gently and wait 5-10 minutes then wash as usual. Or, add Biz to every load to boost the power of your detergent.

    The original form of BIZ®! Add Biz Powder to every load to boost the cleaning power of your detergent and eliminate tough stains. Pre-Soak: Dissolve 1/2 cup Biz in a gallon of warm water and soak garments 1-4 hours. Pre-Treat: Wet the stained area, make a paste with Biz Powder and warm water. Spread paste over the stain, let sit up to 30 minutes, then wash as usual.

    NEW! BIZ® Liquid Boosters are high powered liquid detergent boosters that dissolve rapidly in water and don’t leave powdery residue. No measuring, simply toss in with your detergent and watch the stain disappear.

    • Cleans up to 80% BETTER than detergent alone
    • The only Color Safe Bleach LIQUID POD – no powdery residue
    • PROVEN TO OUT CLEAN other Color Safe Bleach Pods
    • Made with Bitrex® so they’re SAFER FOR KIDS

    Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these days. Let’s keep our home clean, making it a better and comfortable place for our family.

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    Healthy Life in The Kitchen with Arm & Hammer

    It’s still the summer. Farmer’s markets abound. Your own garden has herbs, eggplants, and tomatoes galore. You crave salad, smoothies (see goodie #6 below!), or grilled veggies with pretty much every meal. We don’t blame you. That’s where Arm & Hammer Fruit & Vegetable Wash comes in. This new product from a brand you trust washes away over 90% of pesticide residue on fruits and vegetables with no taste or odor left behind. Even better? The product also helps to remove waxes that may be applied to your food’s exterior and soil, to boot. Gluten-free and suitable for vegans, the wash is super easy to apply — spray, rub, rinse, and  enjoy — and this nifty product can remove up to four times more surface pesticides than simply washing your fruits and veggies with water.

    And, Arm & Hammer has launched its new Garbage Disposal Cleaner to remove odors with the power of baking soda.

    Fruit & Vegetable Wash

    Safely eliminate Pesticides, Wax and Soil with the cleaning power of pure & simple ingredients like baking soda, salt and plant-derived cleaning agents.


    • Safely eliminates over 90% of pesticide residue*
    • Cleans 4x better than water alone*
    • Removes wax and soil
    • Free from harsh chemicals
    • Leaves no taste or odor
    • Gluten-free and vegan

    If you’re only rinsing your produce with water, that doesn’t mean it’s clean. Water does not completely eliminate pesticides or the wax that is sprayed on produce to help extend shelf life.

    With a few simple steps and the help of Arm & Hammer Fruit & Vegetable Wash you can help your family live a healthier lifestyle. Just spray, rub, rinse and enjoy cleaner produce.

    It’s the only produce wash that combines Arm & Hammer Baking Soda with other pure & simple ingredients for a formula that is scientifically proven to remove pesticides better than water alone*.

    Garbage Disposal Cleaner

    Clean and Deodorize with the Power of Baking Soda!


    • Eliminates Odors
    • Easy to Use
    • Leaves behind a fresh citrus scent

    Arm & Hammer Garbage Disposal Cleaner cleans and deodorizes your disposal with the power of baking soda, leaving behind a fresh citrus scent.

    It’s easy to use – just 3 simple steps – and only takes a minute.

    Use twice a week or as needed to clean and deodorize your garbage disposal.

    You can find more information on both products at www.armandhammercleans.com.

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    Summer Activities Call for the NEW Arm & Hammer Invisible Spray Body Powder

    Consumers know ARM & HAMMER™ for its trusted quality and heritage, superior odor mitigation and its safe ingredients.

    Staying true to their heritage and promise, ARM & HAMMER™ Foot Care introduces two new Invisible Foot and Body Spray Powders to join their popular foot care collection. Say goodbye to white stains on clothing and shoes for good with these dry spray formulas, which leave no residue. The Invisible Foot and Body Spray Powders provide a refreshing and cool fragrance for both the feet and body.

    ARM & HAMMER™ Invisible Foot Spray Powder, $6.99

    Link to buy: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Arm-Hammer-Invisible-Spray-Foot-Powder/120941774

    • First ever cake free invisible foot spray powder, leaving no white mess on clothes, shoes or feet
    • Sweat Activated Fresh Guard® Technology keeps feet feeling fresh all day
    • Ultra clear dry spray contains ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda and odor neutralizing ingredients to absorb moisture and sweat
    • Burst of cool fragrance lasts all day
    • Talc Free

    ARM & HAMMER ™ Invisible Body Spray Powder, $6.99

    Link to buy: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Arm-Hammer-Body-Invisible-Spray-Powder/819115036

    • First ever cake free invisible foot spray powder, leaving no white mess on clothes, shoes or body
    • Sweat Activated Fresh Guard® Technology keeps body feeling fresh all day
    • Ultra clear dry spray contains ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda and odor neutralizing ingredients to absorb moisture and sweat
    • Unisex spray
    • Talc Free

    The complete line of ARM & HAMMER™ Foot Care products also includes:

    ARM & HAMMER™  Shoe Refresher Spray, $5.99

    Link to buy: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Arm-Hammer-Odor-Defense-Shoe-Refresher-Spray-4-Oz/49939619

    • Eliminates shoe and sneaker odor on contact
    • Unique targeted actuator sprays in any direction even upside down to conveniently spray where you need it
    • Sweat activated Fresh Guard® Technology refreshes and rejuvenates feet while extending the life of shoes, helmets and sports gear
    • Multi purpose refresher safe for all types of footwear, athletic equipment and gear

    ARM & HAMMER™ Foot Powder, $4.99

    • Deodorizing and refreshing powder that’s the perfect complement to any foot care regimen
    • Sweat activated Fresh Guard® technology includes – a soy bean derived odor reducing agent that provides maximum odor protection, yet is gentle on skin
    • Precision dispenser delivers powder exactly where it’s needed with just a squeeze

    ARM & HAMMER™ Work Insole, $9.99

    • Anti fatigue insole contours to the foot for customized comfort and support
    • Lightweight, durable memory foam construction relieves pressure on hardworking feet
    • Ultra soft top cloth treated with sweat activated Fresh Guard® technology keeps feet feeling cool, dry and fresh
    • Perforated for enhanced breathability

    ARM & HAMMER™ Comfort Insole, $4.99

    • Soft memory foam instantly molds to and cradles the contours of the foot, providing exceptional comfort and support Comfort Insoles received an Overall
    • Sweat activated Fresh Guard® technology keeps feet feeling fresh and dry
    • Guaranteed freshness for up to 60 days

    Premier Brands of America ideates, develops and markets the ARM & HAMMER™ foot care brand in its entirety. Premier Brands is a privately held manufacturer and marketer with efficient, state of the art facilities. The company is dedicated to ongoing innovation and continuously providing high quality products that meet the evolving customer desire in health and beauty aid category.

    ARM & HAMMER™, the ARM & HAMMER™ logo and distinctive orange trade dress are trademarks of Church & Dwight Co. Inc. and are used under license by Premier Brands of America Inc.

    ARM & HAMMER™ Foot Care collection is available in May 2018 in the foot care aisle at Walmart and other select retailers