Dads with Bübi Bottles

For the first years of babyhood, we always joke that fathers have useless, non-lactating ‘boobies’ as moms. When Niko was a baby, everything was awesome with daddy until it was eating time! That was when he started looking for mom.  Now that he is a toddler, he is off to T-ball and soccer class by himself with dad and it’s great! They have been using the Bübi and so many other kids and families have asking about it. Here is some info about this eco-friendly bottle that can be used at all stages.

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Toddlers; Use the Bubi bottle 14 oz with the first flip cap as a sippy cup. Just convert the Bubi water bottle to a sippy cup by adding the flip lid. Tossing this bottle will not make much noise and hurt nobody.

Preschool to high school; Take the 14 oz bottle and freeze it to place in the lunch bag. Better than an icepack, It will keep the food cold, and your child can drink while it melts to stay hydrated. At the end of the day, they can roll it up. Their backpack will weigh less with less bulk for the trek home.

Sports events

Sports events, Use the 22 oz or 35 oz when your child goes to sporting events, freeze it or add ice cubes add the Flip cap and now they have the perfect sports bottle. Rolls up to go home, won’t hurt anybody with the soft silicone and your child can easily keep their bottle as their own as we have multiple colors to match the favorite team color or their own. The bottle can also act as a hot or cold compress for injuries or sore muscles.

Not only does it keep your child safe, but it is simple to clean, place it in the dishwasher, use soap and water or turn the bottle inside out to clean the inside from the outside — no need for a bottle brush, which doesn’t guarantee a clean bottle. With the Bubi bottle, you will know that it clean.

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