Making a Wedding Look and Feel Luxurious Without the Hefty Price Tag

Making a Wedding Look and Feel Luxurious Without the Hefty Price Tag

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event. And every couple’s joy is making the day as memorable as possible. In a bid to do this, couples go for luxurious locations and event centers. Then, they ‌lick their wounds and count the cost when the wedding is over. 


As much as you want your special day forever etched in the minds of your loved ones, you still want to do it within your means. Such that after the event, you have enough to enjoy your honeymoon and start your new life. Remember, a wedding is at most a weekend while the marriage is a lifetime. 


Weddings have several tiny expenses that can quickly add to a huge hefty price tag, from getting the perfect venue, videographer, and photographer to the outfits and wedding cake. You’d also want your guests to be well fed at the reception with great music. Eventually, it seems like your cost is running high. 


However, there are ways to have your dream wedding look glamorous. You must be willing to make some compromises on not-so-important things. Read on to find ways to make a beautiful wedding ceremony on a budget that still looks luxurious.  


Concentrate on the Details 

One of the most important things to prioritize is paying attention to how you want to feel rather than visuals alone. As a couple, you want to focus on the details that make meaning and have a personal feel. So, first, you’d like to ask yourself, what are the core aspects of this occasion? Then, when you’re able to answer the question sincerely, you can easily identify necessities and eliminate frivolities.


One of the most important elements of your wedding is having friends and families celebrate with you. Start by targeting a few close friends and families and ensure enough food to go around. Also, having a well-thought-out handwritten thank-you card will make guests special. Once you’ve decided on the most important things, you can add color to the day where necessary. 


One way that color can add class to your event is by finding the right blend on invites. You want your invites to be personal and have a matching mailing accessory. This could work for your wedding, bridal shower, and engagement announcement. In addition, you can look up some custom bridal shower invitation ideas.  


Visit a Regular Salon

Because it’s your special day, you’d want to look fabulous, and rightly so. But remember, the focus is on quality. And quality doesn’t ‌always translate to expensive. The goal is to ‌get the very best at a bargain price. 


One solid way to cut costs is by resisting the temptation of visiting a wedding hairstylist. The fact they’ve carved out a niche means the price would double. However, you can find an equally great hair stylist who will deliver exceptional quality for a fraction of the former’s price. Another way to save costs is to visit the salon instead salon instead of being visited by them. 


Borrow From Family and Friends

Weddings shouldn’t be equivalent to buying everything brand new. Besides, the audience barely notices most of the expenses. You can get some things free from loved ones. Someone might be able to offer decor items, linens, and lovely vintage items for free.  


A wedding is a good time to take stock of your relationships and see how you can leverage them. For example, some friends could be event managers, interior decorators, or fashion designers. Approaching them could be a win-win for all. It saves them the cost of buying new gifts, and you get to save a lot.


Decorate With Fake Flowers

If you’re a flower lover, especially for ladies, this might be an area you’d want to spend on. However, it is important to note that real flowers cost you more—from consulting with a florist to purchasing flowers befitting for the venue. Therefore, you can opt for fake bouquets and flowers instead.  


You can decide to get a variety of individual flowers and create your bouquet. Or if you aren’t so great with colors, you can buy directly. Additionally, faux flowers last longer, and the temperature won’t affect them. It makes a perfect choice to use them all season long in your home and for other occasions.  


Hire Your Music-inclined Friends

Another way to save costs is by hiring your music-inclined friends. Know anyone who’s part of the church choir, live band, or a Disc Jockey? Fantastic. You can have them render their service as a wedding gift to you. Better still, if they can get their crew to join in. 


Meaning Over Frivolities 

The key to having a luxurious wedding is focusing on what is important and has meaning. Then focus on areas where you can cut costs by doing some things yourself. Then leverage your circles to get the best value for little or no money.