Make winter holiday-themed Brazilian brigadeiros at home with tinyB Chocolate Truffle Creation Kit

tinyB, the San Francisco-based chocolatier specializing in Brazilian Brigadeiros (a creamy relative of the chocolate truffle), is launching their Holiday Chocolate Truffle Creation Kits on Monday, November 28. Featuring all needed to make winter themed Brigadeiros at home, instruction videos are included to create snowmen, trees, and wreaths. The kits include dark chocolate, vanilla and red berries, and orange milk chocolate cream centers, a jar of Brigadeiro spread, and sprinkles. Each kit produces 20-25 Brigadeiro’s (enough for four people to enjoy).

“Our DIY kits get any holiday party started and they’re a great way for both kids and grow-ups to express their creativity and holiday cheer,” said tinyB Chocolate founder Renata Stoica. “The dessert table is extra sweet when your kids know they had a hand in producing it!”

Classic DIY Brigadeiro Kit (1-2 people)

This at home Chocolate Making Kit is a great way to explore your creativity by rolling and decorating delicious chocolate truffles – the brigadeiros – on your own or with a friend! No cooking required!

Make Chocolate at Home!

When you’re ready to roll, you’ll be able to embark on a choose-your-own experience by combining ingredients based on taste, texture, or appearance. There’s no right or wrong way to make brigadeiros, they are easy to make, fun to roll and delicious. DIY Instructions are included!

This at home chocolate making kit contains 2 kinds of chocolate centers and 4 fun toppings, all perfectly packaged in our colorful tinyBox. It’s enough to make 12-16 brigadeiros of your own creation!

Are you ready to make your own chocolate truffles?

DIY Chocolate Kit includes:

2x brigadeiro centers (Dark Chocolate and Quatro Leches), 4x fun toppings, accessories, DIY instructions

– Serves 1-2 people
Gluten-free and preservative-free
– Keep refrigerated
Made in San Francisco

Looking for a FUN team building experience?

tinyB DIY at home Chocolate making kit can also be a fun virtual team building activity hosted by one of their chocolatiers. Over 1,200 teams and 52,000 participants in 54 different countries experienced the DIY truffle making experience. Are your team going to be the next one?

About tinyB Chocolate:

Brazil. Bossa nova. Beaches. And now brigadeiros! That’s the essence of tinyB chocolates. They capture the excitement, romance and richness of Brazil in the magic of its favorite national chocolate treat. Luscious chocolate brigadeiros. Available now for the first time ever in the San Francisco Bay Area. Made fresh to order with two-day delivery guaranteed anywhere in the continental US, tinyB offers the hands-on care and service of a local family-owned business blended with international charm and panache.

At its heart, tinyB is about the happy love story between Renata, a beautiful Brazilian chocolatier, and Andrei, a San Francisco tech entrepreneur. They fell in love, got married and started tinyB in their kitchen as a way to share their love for each other and for brigadeiros with San Francisco and the world. Renata’s special recipe heightens the chocolate intensity, without the bitterness of dark chocolate or the sweetness of extra sugar. Hand-dipped coatings offer a variety of sensational taste treats. Perfect for sharing, giving and enjoying. Client gifts. Wedding favors. Personal presents. Each tinyB is handcrafted and gently placed in gift boxes that are detailed with care because we want you feel that they’re made just for you – which they are.

tinyB Chocolate ranked #770 on Inc Magazine’s rankings of the fastest growing companies in the United States in 2022. For more information, please visit and follow tinyB Chocolate on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter @tinyBchocolate.