NeoHeat Perineal Healer at ABC Kids Expo

The NeoHeat Perineal Healer has been getting a ton of buzz since its launch in April, but it felt like it reached a fever pitch at ABC Kids. It was designed and developed by femtech entrepreneur Colette Courtion, CEO of Mommy Matters.  Her goal was to create a product that provides new moms the comfort and support they need to feel like themselves again after giving birth.

NeoHeat with App.png

In case you haven’t heard – NeoHeat is the world’s first high-tech, red-light device for recovery from vaginal and perineal tearing and episiotomies.

  • It’s powered by red and infrared light therapy.

  • Clinically proven to heal six times faster than traditional methods

  • It accelerates wound healing, reduces inflammation, and provides rapid pain relief.

  • The device is a small silicone pad that fits inside a pair of postpartum briefs.

  •  It can be controlled by a handheld remote or the companion app and is designed to be used for just 10 minutes daily during the first two weeks after giving birth