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    What I Learned from Amber Rose

    Don’t ever apologize for how fly you are. Don’t ever water down yourself to fit in. Don’t ever change yourself when you can change the circumstance.  Fall is going to be an exciting time for me. I’ll let you know more details in a few days.

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    I went to my very first GenArt event last night and had a blast. I met all kinda fashiony folks.

    The frenzy called the Red Carpet

    For the last 13 years, Gen Art has produced its fall Fresh Faces in Fashion, and more recently its spring New Garde events, which are a kind of coming-out party for fashion’s debutantes, and which give emerging designers a chance to debut their collections to media and buyers. Showing at Gen Art can launch careers. How fashionably fun LA can be! 

    The venue was stunning and surprisingly large, the fashion was poppin, the complimentary wines were pouring and I said a courteous and quick hello to Miss Amber Rose herself. 

     LMAO at the PR girl who thought my friend Q was Ron Artest LOL… wow. I look so little lol

    Here were my favorites of the night.

    Michelle Chaplin of Smoke and Mirrors

    Stylist Misty Casseus

    Kinya Clairborne (left)

    Rebecca Lee and Melanie Lee are totally cute and fashionable sisters 

    We weren’t allowed to take photos with her but there are plenty of them online.  She’s totally cute and smaller in person than I thought. Her outfit was.. okay.

    Jen Egan of GenArt LA x Amber Rose

    More event pics on JustJared and WireImage

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    LA Fashion Week

    It’s LA Fashion Week next week! I promise to go to as many events as I can and to tell you all about how fabulous they are. 

    I am attending this event and it’s host by our very favorite Amber Rose… Can’t wait, stay tuned!

    On Tuesday March 16th, from 7:00-10:00pm, Gen Art will be kicking off Fashion Week Los Angeles 2010 by celebrating its LA based designer alumni talent poolside at the Tropicana at Roosevelt Hotel

    Hosted by Amber Rose

    The Gen Art L.A. Fashion Alumni Celebration is designed to commend Gen Art’s fashion alumni who have shaped and influenced the design community.  We will be acknowledging the contributions of a group of our fashion alumni who will be accompanied by a model featuring a a signature look.

    Gen Art will also be announcing specifics about the CLEAN & CLEAR® Skincare Makes You Prom Beautiful from Start to Finish – Designer Prom Dress Competition .

    * Complimentary Kim Crawford wine will be served.
    * VIP gift bags will be handed out.
    * Sounds by POSSO the DJ.

    Featuring Alumi Designers:

    Brigid Catiis
    Eduardo Lucero
    Elmer Ave
    Erik Hart
    Freddie Rojas
    Geren Ford
    Grey Ant
    Jared Gold
    Jeffrey Sebelia
    Katy Rodriguez
    Kit Scarbo
    Louis Verdad
    Rami Kashou
    Society For Rational Dress

    * Each participating designer will be showcasing a signature look on a live model or muse at the event.

    more info on GenArt

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    Taylor baby

    It’s the real world out there… and people like Kanye live there… It’s like a giant high school and there’s always gonna to be bullies. But in all fairness, it had nothing to do with you and it’s more about Kanye tryna show love to Beyonce and how much he hates MTV. That’s all. *muah*

    Amber Rose is a martian. Embrace her

    PS: get your own python catsuit here
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    Diddy’s White Party

    I love white parties! Diddy had his White Party the same weekend Warner did… How do I get invited to this?? Someone tell me! I mean.. Beverly Hills is not even 30 mins away from where I am… If someone knows, you better holla at me and let me know!

    Back to Blonde Amber Rose

    white affairs started in Toronto with a man named Wayne

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    Turquoise Amber Rose

    Regular AmRose @ BET Awards… 

    I kinda of love it. “I” don’t wanna be green but i think it works for her.. plus obvs its not permanent and just for fun!!  Amber Rose, you’re a bad bitch! I hope I run into you in LA 🙂 Word on the street is that she just got signed with FORD models. So…. you were a stripper in Philly then because of your royal flyness, you get noticed by Yeezy and now you are a model for realzy.  That’s basically a great summary of how things work in Los Angeles it seems. UM.

     green or blonde, bad bitches rule

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