I went to my very first GenArt event last night and had a blast. I met all kinda fashiony folks.

The frenzy called the Red Carpet

For the last 13 years, Gen Art has produced its fall Fresh Faces in Fashion, and more recently its spring New Garde events, which are a kind of coming-out party for fashion’s debutantes, and which give emerging designers a chance to debut their collections to media and buyers. Showing at Gen Art can launch careers. How fashionably fun LA can be! 

The venue was stunning and surprisingly large, the fashion was poppin, the complimentary wines were pouring and I said a courteous and quick hello to Miss Amber Rose herself. 

 LMAO at the PR girl who thought my friend Q was Ron Artest LOL… wow. I look so little lol

Here were my favorites of the night.

Michelle Chaplin of Smoke and Mirrors

Stylist Misty Casseus

Kinya Clairborne (left)

Rebecca Lee and Melanie Lee are totally cute and fashionable sisters 

We weren’t allowed to take photos with her but there are plenty of them online.  She’s totally cute and smaller in person than I thought. Her outfit was.. okay.

Jen Egan of GenArt LA x Amber Rose

More event pics on JustJared and WireImage