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    Red Tint No More: Galaxy S8 Red tint fix is now on T-Mobile

    If in case you haven’t heard it before, Samsung’s new S8 and S8+, has been well received. But of course, with early models, you tend to see a few errors, a notable one being the red tint in certain S8 phones.

    Luckily, Samsung is now rolling out update to fix the Galaxy S8/S8+ red tint issue for T-Mobile customers. This will be the first update for US owners to get the fix.

    The South Korean manufacturer said last week that it would issue an update to automatically fix color calibration of the Galaxy S8 after a few users reported that their devices had a red tint on their displays.

    Now we’re just waiting to see if they can fix the random reboots.

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    Samsung DeX – First Impressions

    The S8/S8+ is finally out and there have been many great reviews on Samsung’s flagship phone. Alongside the release of these devices, also came a few accessories, most notably, the Samsung DeX.

    Whats meant to be as an alternative to your computer, its a dock that not only charges your phone, but it acts as a computer, with fully integrated apps, such as Office Suite and Adobe. The concept sounds great: a perfect way to utilize the most of your phone in desktop format. No longer will you have to write that long email with your thumbs! But how practical is the Samsung DeX?


    You can even change the background of your DeX screen!

    At first glance, it reminds me of Chrome OS. As soon as I connected my phone onto the dock, I looked at the task bar and felt familiar with a UI that I had yet to play around with. It is a mix of Windows and Chrome OS, so for those within the Android ecosystem will have no trouble guiding through it. All settings are virtually similar to the S8. As I was opening various apps I owned, I almost forgot that I was controlling a phone and not a computer.


    The Samsung DeX has 2 USB 2.0 Ports, an Ethernet Port and a USB Type C charging port. Aside from the ports, the Samsung DeX has a cooling fan to ease concerns about your mobile overheating while it functions as a desktop. After about 20min, I touched my phone to see if there was any signs of overheating, and to my shock, there was none. When the S8 is docked, it is receiving charge, so its a perfect way to get a quick charge in while you’re working away.

    Whats Great

    Apps are quick, and offer very little lag. Everything works seamlessly, and offers very little hassle. Anyone with common knowledge on how to navigate a computer will find the UI very intuitive and easy to use.

    You have an option to change the orientation of the app (portrait or landscape) to get a better view, whether you want to text someone or jot down a quick note. You can receive phone calls and they will be answered on speaker.

    The Opportunity Lies

    If you ever had AirDroid (or any remote connection from your phone to your computer) then you know that you can set that up and still keep $150 in your bank account. Its a cool idea, but the market is still hard to pinpoint. If its meant to be sold for businessman who can connect this to any hotel TV, then what about the regular consumer? You would need to have an extra monitor/keyboard/mouse lying around. And if you didn’t thats an extra chunk of change that you weren’t prepared to let go of.

    On paper, Samsung DeX sounds great. But its not practical. Not for those who are looking for a cheaper alternative to getting a full Desktop experience.

    I’ll have a full depth review later on this week.

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    Samsung Gear 360 – 360 Content for Live Streaming

    Looks like Eve from Wall-E.

    Two weeks ago, Samsung unveiled some great products, notably their new Samsung Gear 360, a 4K resolution 360-degree camera, adding to Samsung’s overall virtual reality ecosystem. The new Gear 360 offers enhanced features for producing high-quality content. With its lightweight design and refined lenses, this is sure to enable many content creators to capture the best moments.

    For the first time, the Gear 360 offers video recording at up to 4K resolution, letting consumers capture and share moments with friends and family. This is the first time that Samsung has a camera that is able to record high resolution content. (The older model could only go such shy of 4K) Equipped with 8.4-megapixel image sensors, the Gear 360 can also capture 15MP high resolution images.

    The latest edition of Gear 360 is compatible with Samsung flagship devices including the newly released Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S6 edge. Gear 360 ALSO offers greater compatibility with iOS devices (the first time this has happened) and Windows®/Mac® computers. The last iteration of the Gear 360 could only work for Windows computers, but the inclusion of Mac/iOS, allows for more flexibility across all operating systems.

    Once we get our hands on it, we’ll write our review on what makes this so great.

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    Google to remove older Versions of Apps on April 3

    Google has announced that it is shutting down older versions of many of its G Suite apps. Older versions of Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Sheets, and Google Slides will no longer work on smartphones starting April 3.

    Google has updated its Suite Blog to list out all the old versions that are shutting down for Android and iOS devices. Google will push out notifications to force old version users to update to newer versions, starting March 1. The list is listed below as to what will be removed following April 3:

    Google Drive for Android (prior to version 2.4.311)
    Google Docs for Android (prior to version 1.6.292)
    Google Sheets for Android (prior to version 1.6.292)
    Google Slides for Android (prior to version 1.6.292)

    Google Drive for iOS (prior to version 4.16)
    Google Docs for iOS (prior to version 1.2016.12204)
    Google Sheets for iOS (prior to version 1.2016.12208)
    Google Slides for iOS (prior to version 1.2016.12203)

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    Daydream View: Initial Impressions

    The popularity of Virtual Reality cannot be avoided anymore. What was once a commodity for developers, is now easily accessible in any home. Its no surprise that Google is now venturing into Virtual Reality.

    The Daydream View comes in three different colors, for the price of $79 (at the time of this review, the actual price has gone down) In comparison to many other Virtual Reality Headsets out there, its a steal. This is a basic, entry level Virtual Reality headset that allows users to get a taste of it, powered by similar services that you would expect Google to have. The only offside to it, is that its very limited to the Google Pixel phones.

    The look and feel of the Daydream View is great. Its covered in a nice fabric, so it feels nice, and the headset alone is comfortable to be worn for a long period of time. In comparison to other headsets, (Gear VR, Playstation VR), it doesn’t feel like a heavy piece of plastic and it covers your peripherals so it feels as if you are truly immersed in what you are seeing.

    Set up is rather simple and doesn’t take too long to get it running. You need to have Bluetooth enabled to power the VR. During the software setup, you’ll learn how to use the remote. While at first glance the remote may seem to be detrimental to the whole immersive experience, it becomes more clear as the tutorial progresses, why the remote is so important. There are no button options on the Daydream View; everything is done manually on the remote. For example, the buttons help align your center, and can also be used to head to the Home screen.

    The difference of the layout and idea of Daydream, feels like something out of a kids movie. With very cel-shaded graphics and pixelated art, its easy to be awed by what you are looking at.

    If you are part of the Android/Google Ecosystem, you’re going to love it. The option of playing purchased movies from Google Movies on the VR is a beautiful experience. The quality is great. You also have various other apps that allow for a movie like experience in Virutal Reality.

    A few issues with the Daydream View is that while there is plenty of content, the majority of it is just for viewing purposes and not much else. The quality of content that is presented was a bit lackluster. I opened up a Youtube VR video of Star Wars, but it didn’t feel immersive, particularly because the graphics were not high quality. The other issue is the mono-speaker that detriments the true immersion. Don’t expect to run the Daydream View VR for a long time. Within 30min of playing around with Virtual Reality, I saw a significant decrease in battery life on it. (35% decrease)

    Until then, I’ll still play around more and give more of a concrete review of the Daydream View.

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    Google Home’s Latest Updates: Netflix and Google Photo are among the list of Smart Home Integration

    Google is getting closer to becoming the perfect assistant.

    Just last night, Google Home unveiled a new update, which provides Google Assistant to be more in-tuned with your daily activities. What once used to be a simple way to cast your favorite Youtube videos onto the big screen, the Google Home now has a few more ‘actions’ that can be spoken too, a few notable ones being Netflix and Google Photos.

    A few of the Netflix and Google Photo commands.

    Here are the 21 Apps that can also be utilized with your Google Home:


    • 21 Blackjack
    • Akinator the genie
    • Anchor
    • And Chill
    • Argus
    • Ask Jelly
    • busuu – language learning
    • CNBC
    • Domino’s
    • Eliza
    • ELLE Horoscopes by The Astro Twins
    • FitStar Personal Trainer
    • Food Network
    • Genius
    • Headspace
    • HuffPost Headline Quiz
    • itcher
    • Lonely Planet
    • NBC News
    • NPR One
    • Number Genie
    • Product Hunt
    • Quora
    • Quotery
    • SongPop
    • Sub War
    • Tender
    • The Bartender
    • The Wall Street Journal
    • Todoist
    • Trivia Blast
    • VentureBeat News
    • WebMD
    • Wonder