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    Vegan Food Tech Company Disrupts CES with World-Changing Technology

    Armored Fresh showcases ‘Almond Milk American Slices,’ the latest in innovative plant-based cheese

    Global Food Tech company Armored Fresh is participating in the world’s largest consumer electronics and IT exhibition, CES 2023 in Las Vegas, USA, introducing its new developed product, ‘Almond Milk American Slices.’ Armored Fresh, which was selected as an up-and-coming business at last year’s CES convention, has created a world-changing technology that combines innovative science with culinary arts to revolutionize the industry and improve on the unnatural texture and taste challenging other vegan cheeses.

    Armored Fresh launches their ‘Almond Milk American Slices’ in the ‘Food Tech’ section at CES 2023 from January 5th to 8th. The company drew attention with their innovative plant-based cheese cubes at the last CES in 2022 and has proven their competitiveness on the vegan stage after raising $23 million in Series Pre-B funding. Armored Fresh recently made their U.S. debut launching plant-based cheese cubes made using a one-of-a-kind precision formulation of plant based lactic acid + plant-based milk.

    The plant-based American slices features a soft and chewy texture and high-quality flavor. Prioritizing taste and texture, Armored Fresh developed a tasty almond milk cheese with melting properties that mimic its dairy counterparts, improving on the unnatural texture that challenges other plant-based cheese companies. While melting properties has long been considered technically difficult to implement in the vegan industry, Armored Fresh has developed a process that allows for their American Slices to have the perfect melting properties.

    “It is a great pleasure to participate in CES once again this year. This year we will have the opportunity to show the world our very own Armored Fresh sliced cheese. Knowing that there’s a big demand for such alternative dairy products, we’re pleased to offer this superior zero dairy cheese,” says Rudy Yoo, Founder and CEO of Armored Fresh. “With big plans to expand into nationwide markets and European market opportunities, Armored Fresh is pleased to announce our next step into this journey of innovation. Be on the lookout for Armored Fresh cheese in your local store and shop.”

    You can find Armored Fresh’s booth (Booth #: CP-24) on the TECH EAST side of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) exhibition hall. The company is giving out out samples of grilled cheese to show off the competitiveness of their new product. Armored Fresh has plans to expand their lineup of flavors to include Cheddar, Pepper Jack, and Monterey Jack. Armored Fresh products will be available for purchase nationwide January 2023. For more information, please visit www.ArmoredFresh.com.

    [CES Booth Information]

    Armored Fresh (Booth #: CP-24)

    Tech East, LVCC, Central Plaza & Silver 3

    About Armored Fresh:

    Armored Fresh is the #1 Food Tech company in South Korea specializing in alternative dairy products. Armored Fresh’s innovative approach to plant-based cheese prioritizes consumers’ well-being + environmental footprint. At Armored Fresh, we make almond milk cheese that tastes great. Through our products, we are protecting people and the environment with one tasty bite at a time. Better Choice. Greater Impact.