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    Gimme a Beat @beatsbydre

    For the longest time I have wanted Beats by Dr. Dre. They are the popular headphones that you can either buy on their website or in stores such as Best Buy and Apple, and online at Amazon.

    Did you check out their limited edition colors? Purple, pink, orange, green…

    There is a particular one I want to mention though and that is the Beats Executive. Just the name made me curious as to what it is exactly! I absolutely love the color (black and brushed metal look). What makes this different is that it will have a built-in shutoff feature and have noise cancellation. You’ll be able to preserve the battery life and block all that unnecessary noise you don’t want to hear! Check out Beats Executive to know when it’ll be available!

    Don’t forget to ‘Follow’ Beats by Dre on Twitter and ‘Like’ them on Facebook! They have many styles and looks to choose from.


    So, what do you think about the Beats Executive? And just Beats by Dr. Dre in general?

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    Art of Fresh

    Bringing boom-bap funk to a new age, Art of Fresh is showing us something that we thought was lost!
    If holding the Guinness World Record for longest freestyle or being a Juno award winning producer isn’t enough to catch your attention the melodic beats and systematic lyrics will sway you. Art of Fresh has broken through the airwaves with such tracks as Out This World and Get Free; and are now pushing the newest single Back to the Earth from their album of the same title (Northstarr, Nova Music Group, Universal). Features have been seen on Youtube and Myspace, album earned a 4-star rating by Eye Weekly & they have charted as high as #2 on national college charts.
    Personally I’m loving the track Come and Get Some… definately be sure to check out the rest, Toronto talent is about to take the world by storm!!!

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    hey DJ

    iSkin is looking for DJ’s who are ready to take things to the next level and gain exposure online and promoted heavily in Asia. DJ’s will receive tremendous promotion and will have his/her mixtapes featured on a special iSkin microsite with personal profiles and areas for your exclusive mixes to be downloaded by the masses all over Asia. All DJ’s will take part heavy promotion alongside iSkin branding initiatives in Asia this summer.

    If interested, please contact Kristian Ward
    OR email Kristian@iskin.com.