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    Spring Cleaning Now a Cinch with Bump It Off

    I wanted to introduce you to a powerful little gadget—BUMP IT OFF!

    This silicone sleeve cleans virtually anything in your house—from laundry stains to removing pet hair to exfoliating your skin! Read on to learn more about BUMP IT OFF!

    Make spring cleaning much easier with BUMP IT OFF by Goddess of Gadgets. A reusable silicone sleeve, BUMP IT OFF makes many household tasks more efficient and effective. Eco-friendly and versatile, BUMP IT OFF is a powerful tool with its endless cleaning applications.

    BUMP IT OFF features gentle bristles on one side and smooth bumps on the other, taking on any house chore thrown its way. It fits comfortably in your hand in multiple positions, letting you focus the scrubbing power in your palm or fingertips. BUMP IT OFF is the first product to receive four Family Choice Awards in the same year and is a household rock star that makes the perfect addition to your house cleaning schedule.

    The powerful BUMP IT OFF has many cleaning uses around the home:

    • Loosen and lift stubborn stains from clothes and upholstery
    • BUMP IT OFF no longer lets you track dirt in the house—wipe your shoes clean—works on all types, from suedes to woven fabrics and even on the soles of the shoes
    • Clean fruits and vegetables—it’s gentle enough while still getting dirt off
    • Use as a grooming tool for your pet and they’ll love the massage
    • Use in the shower to exfoliate, massage and refresh your skin
    • Get rid of dirt, grime and bacteria on makeup brushes

    BUMP IT OFF is easy to clean – it can go in the top rack of the dishwasher to be sanitized and used over and over! Don’t waste money on cheap, low-quality brushes and sponges, this well-designed product can last a lifetime. BUMP IT OFF is available in Blue, Green, Orange and Purple.

    Arm yourself with the BUMP IT Offthe best spring cleaning tool on the market.