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    BUQU accessories land at Best Buy; Nordstrom, Target and Tilly’s coming soon

    BUQU mobile charging accessories have landed at Best Buy, Amazon.com and online at www.myBUQU.com, debuting the first line of premium quality power accessories with personalities as unique as you and I. These thoughtfully crafted, powerful smartphone charging accessories each come with a lifetime warranty and can be clipped to handbags and purses, backpacks, belt loops, duffle bags and more, offering fast charging on-the-go and a fashionable conversation piece to complement your outfit and your phone.


    The Pina power bank smells like Pineapple and the Wallflower wall charger charger is rose-scented!

    These mobile charging accessories come just in time for the summer music festival circuit and are sure to be lifesavers (and conversation starters) on the festival grounds!


    BUQU® Debuts First Line of Premium Quality Power Accessories with a Unique Blend of Fashion, Function and Personality

    Available Online and at Best Buy, Target, Nordstrom and Tilly’s Spring/Summer 2016

    Camarillo, Calif., April 11, 2016 – BUQU (BOO-KOO), short for Be Unique™, is redefining mobile charging with the introduction of a new line of thoughtfully crafted power accessories for smartphones and tablets developed with a unique and playful approach that combines stylish and fun designs with premium quality power products. With prices ranging from $11.99 – $29.99 USD, BUQU is the first line of affordable, premium mobile power accessories designed with personalities as unique as the device owners themselves.

    The new BUQU line including mobile power banks, wall chargers, car chargers and USB cables, will be available this spring/summer at national retailers including Best Buy (April 10, 2016), Target (May 22, 2016), Nordstrom (July 1, 2016),Tilly’s (May, 2016), Amazon.com (April 10, 2016) and online at www.myBUQU.com. Each and every BUQU power accessoryfeatures a lifetime warranty and is built to last. BUQU power accessories feature distinct designs and are quickly becoming conversation pieces and fashion collectibles among tastemakers and smartphone owners to match their personalities, outfits, backpacks and handbags.

    The full line of new BUQU power accessories includes:

    • USB Power Banks: Starring Nade™ the grenade, Chubs™ the piggy, Bubs™ the ducky and Pina™ the pineapple (infused with a pineapple scent)

    o   3,350 mAh Lithium-ion battery for 100% charge with most phones

    o   12W (2.4A) output for fastest charging possible with smartphones and tablets

    o   Features a carabiner clip for clipping to a backpack, purse, handbag or belt loop

    • USB Wall Chargers: Plug in with Royal™ the crown, Playa™ the dice, Wallflower™ the flower (infused with fresh rose petal scent) and Glam™ the diamond

    o   12W (2.4A) output for the fastest charging possible

    o   Automatically detects the power needs of your device and works for all USB powered devices, including smartphones & tablets

    • USB Car Chargers : Cruise around with Bloom™ the flower, Astro™ the rocket and Bolt™ the lightning bolt

    o   Equipped with 12W (2.4A) output for the fastest charging possible

    o   Works for all USB powered devices, including smartphones & tablets and plugs into any car power socket

    • Lightning and Micro USB Cables: Get connected with Cordz™ available in 3′, 6′ and 10′ lengths

    o   Durable TPU rubber construction

    o   Slim connector design works flawlessly with most cases

    o   Flat braided cable construction protects wire cores and resists tangles


    For more information on BUQU products, please visit www.myBUQU.com.