• New York

    Mystery Guy #10

    Guys with backpacks have a soft spot in every girl’s heart. There is a vulnerability that is so cute and reminiscent of your playground love or your high school crush. It is cute the way the Hush Puppy Bassett Hound is.  It is a weird sexy, youthful allure that cannot really be described.  You know there are Wall St guys and then there are guys with backpacks. There is a time and place for both, you feel me?

    Hey Mystery guy on the C train – there is definitely something about you. Are you an Arabian prince?  At first, I definitely thought you might be the ‘same guy’ and I couldn’t stop looking at you throw birds on your iPhone 4. Your ‘rolled outta bed’ head look probably required some exclusive pomade that only you and your hair stylist knows about – or you really just woke up that sexy. I like your nonchalant ways and that you are causally just super hero like. You have super long arms and maybe all the jackets you buy have sleeves too short – maybe if you were a suit guy, you would have custom shirts made with your initials embroidered on the cuffs. How endearing. I like you – Maybe cuz you are tall, maybe cuz you caught my eye – but most probably because i know nothing of you.