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    There’s nothing like a 1/2” thick cut bacon steak cozied up next to your eggs at breakfast

    Bacon is the Best! That’s why you’re reading this, right? Because you love bacon as much as I do, and anyone who says otherwise is either under some kind of voodoo-vegan spell, or just plain wrong.

    Introducing The Baconer, the craft producer leading innovation beyond the bacon aisle. Day in day out, they obsess over bacon and bacon-related products with the singular goal of crafting the best bacon products in the known Universe. Through years of tinkering and tasty R&D, The Baconer has perfected a collection of droolworthy bacon flavors, offered in a variety of cuts—from award-winning XXL steaks to unadulterated ground to mouth-watering lardons— that empower you to elevate your culinary creations to a whole new level of YUM!

    The Baconer starts with the best pork— that means humanely treated, responsibly-sourced 100% heritage breed Duroc pork, born, raised and thoughtfully harvested in the USA. The farms The Baconer works with do not use farrowing or gestation crates— the hogs are fed an all-natural, vegetarian-based diet and are raised without added hormones, growth accelerants, ractopamine, steroids, gluten, or antibiotics.