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    Music eh! Facts Rocka

    Found this in my mail box, and now I’m sharing it with you.  The S.I.F.T.B (Save It For The Blunt) series, is a collection of random verses and songs by Facts Rocka, and this is #6 off the S.I.F.T.B series; produced by SOUL.

    Take a listen and tell us what you think 🙂

    Thanks to SOUL for sending this over!

    peace and love


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    Music eh! On my own preview

    I met SOUL last summer, and we hit it off immediately. Such a cool guy, so funny, and totally talented. I was so impressed by how passionate he was about his craft, and his unwillingness to be grouped into any categories as far as producing music goes, that I had to interview him. We got to listen to some of his work, as well as find out a little bit about what makes the man that is SOUL tick. Which is why I was so excited to get some of his new work in my inbox this weekend.

    “On my own” is Vancouver-based rapper LAZE-E’s first single off the LAZE-E’s-MUGGER Therapy mixtape which is set to be released soon. The track features JRDN, and was produced by Mr. SOUL himself. We only get to hear a little bit of the song, but by the sound of it; SOUL definitely didn’t disappoint, and neither did LAZE-E or JRDN. I think this was a great collaboration, a very nice mix of talents, can’t wait to hear the whole song! Canada, you make me so proud.
    Thanks to SOUL for sharing this with us.
    What do you think of the song so far?
    peace, love and health
    ps: make sure you tweet them some L-O-V-E!

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    Video ♥: Meet SOUL

    Mr Jeremy William, a.k.a SOUL. A very talented Music Producer, born in New Glasgow, NS. Grew up in Halifax, the UK and Vancouver before moving to Toronto… I could tell you more, but why spoil the fun? Watch the video and get to know him!
    Did you know? In 2005, SOUL attended Columbia Academy for Sound Design and Audio Engineering. He’s also worked with many many artists from all over North America. GET AT HIM!
    Thank you, Thank you for letting me interview you sir!
    I’m gonna have more from SOUL for you guys so stay tuned… but in the mean time… VISIT his website!

    peace and blessings,
    Want more SOUL? Click here!
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