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    Life Lessons from Playing Candy Crush Saga

    If one game can be both addictive, colorful, challenging and awesome – it becomes an instant world wide sensation.

    I am one of the 3 million who got bitten by the Candy Crush Saga bug. When you spend hours with this candy-esque puzzle game, you dream of it and think of it all the time. Look at all the FANdemonium this game can spawned!

    Here are 10 life lessons I realized while spending hours playing this game:

    1. It doesn’t matter how close you are, you are not done til you are done
    2. Unexpected combinations can lead to unexpected results
    3. Be patient because the next best thing is just one move away
    4. Give lives, receive lives and take a break
    5. There are lots of way to skin a cat clear the jelly
    6. Something that looks easy may not always be
    7. Speed matters more than strategy sometimes
    8. A multi can’t always save the day
    9. Money can help you (fish, bombs, moves) but you don’t need it if you got experience and skills
    10. Don’t get sidetracked by easy moves, keep your eye on the prize and objective always