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    Celine Dion Chic

    A brand spanking new summer fragrance is hitting the shelves in May all across Canada.  It is our beloved Canadian songstress’ newest fragrance.  I say it is perfect for a summer breezy morning sipping on mimosas. This is a white linen dress kind of perfume. It has a very subtle and pretty green with a touch of juice. I picture it like a spritzer or Italian sparking wine kind of scent. It’s for the girl with the 2 1/2 inch kitten heel, sheer pink lipgloss and French manicure.

    Celine Dion Chic is a fresh approach to fragrance, enveloping women with a sublime
    feeling of luxury without being pretentious. It combines the perfect blend of effortless sophistication, poise and playfulness. Inspired by Celine Dion’s incredible sense of style, youthful spirit and dynamic attitude, this fragrance appeals to all types of women.

    “Celine Dion Chic is for the woman who seeks affordable luxury, who wants to project a sense of style with confidence and glamour” says Steve Mormoris, Senior Vice
    President Global Marketing.

    “I am thrilled to have partnered with Coty on another exciting new fragrance,” said
    Celine Dion. “For me, this fragrance truly embraces the glamour of fashion with a
    sophisticated edge. I hope all women feel as elegant and feminine as I do when
    wearing this fragrance.”


    Top Notes
    Aquatic Greens, Watermelon

    Middle Notes
    Peony, Drenched Gardenia, Lotus Flower, Green Violet

    Dry Down
    Blond Woods, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk

    The classical elegance of the Celine DioFont sizen Chic bottle is defined with architecturally
    sound lines and prismatic carved edges that capture V (five) facets representing the number five, Celine Dion’s lucky number. The glass is complemented by a sleek black cap and reflective gold collar for a monochromatic look.

    If you want to win the exclusive and new Celine Dion chic 50mL… 

    Tell me what is your favorite Celine Dion song lyric!