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    Happy Easter At Washington DC’s Cherry Blossom

    Hey Happy Easter!


    Lulu and Ryan went to Washington DC to celebrate the born of a new year!

    The first stop of course we chose to see the cherry blossoms.

    Lulu took her hand craft illustration magnets, it looks like an illustration girl enjoyed the cherry blossoms on her skateboard.

    We ate our first brunch at this old fashion restaurant right next to the Washington Monument park where there was Blossom Kite Festival on this Saturday. The restaurant is very very popular, we waited for our seats on the bar for twenty minutes! But the food was amazing and drinks were tasty, the name of the restaurant was Old Ebbitt Grill.

    After the brunch and cherry blossom watching, we went to my favorite gallery – National Gallery of Art!

    And then we found this super cool speak easy bar at Chinatown – Penny Whiskey Bar. They have a lot of Japanese whiskeys!

    A very delicious restaurant at Chinatown – CIRCA.

    The cute red color cocktail names Your College Ex, is that lovely?

    Today we came back New York and it was snowing! Oh My God, hope the real spring comes soon.