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    National Ceviche Day- June 28th!

    My poor Colombian taste buds are going to hate me by the end of this post. But I found it important to share with all food junkies:

    JUNE 28th is National Ceviche Day!

    As if things could not get any better- a few restaurants across the US  will be celebrating! With a healthy mix of this delicious Latin-Asian dish-it is a day not to miss!

    Zengo: Richard Sandoval Restaurants in New York, Denver, D.C., and Santa Monica will be participating! Here is a sample of one the menus:

    New York:

    Mahi-Mahi: Fermented pepper, citrus, napa cabbage, cucumber, cilantro, red onion, nori

    Shrimp: Poached shrimp, red onion, pomegranate, chives, avocado, dashi, leche de tigre


    Hiramasa: Scallions, fresno pepper, cilantro, avocado, popcorn, citrus

    Seared Scallop: sesame, ume, serrano, red radish, kaiware sprout, tequila ponzu

    Tiradito (Zengo NY)

    Pampano: Chef Lucero Martinez-Richard Sandoval Restaurants in NY 

    (209 East 49th Street, New York, NY – even easier for you guys to find! )

    Will be serving:

    Camaron: Shrimp, lime, avocado, chile habanero

    Atun: Big eye tuna, pear tomatoes, cilantro, serrano, ginger and cucumber broth

    Halibut: Halibut, cilantro, mint, mango

    Mahi-Mahi: citrus tomato, chile serrano

    Pulpo-a la Parilla: grilled octopus, cactus, tomato, queso fresco, black olive caramel, lemon vinaigrette

    Chicharron de Camaron: crispy rock shripm, coconut-guajillo, avocado vinaigrette

    Ceviche Tasting (Pampano)

     Finally…only because I don’t think my stomach could handle any more descriptions.

    Costanera: Cocina Peruana- Chef/Owner Juan Placencia in New Jersey!

    Ceviche: marinated in leche de tigre and aji chilies and served with red onion, cilantro, yams and chocolo:

    Pescado: fluke

    Mixto: fluke, octopus, shrimp, squid

    Costanera: crab, arctic char, shrimp

    Tiradito: similar to ceviche but the fish is cut sashimi style and the aji chilies

    Tradicional: fluke with aji rocoto and cilantro

    Nikkei: arctic char with aji amarillo, avocado and soy-lime dressing

    Ceviche de Pescado (Costanera)

      For a more extended menu check out- Ceviche Day!

    So please if you don’t do it for yourself, do it for my taste buds and rumbling stomach! Jot it down- and go out – June 28th Ceviche Day!!