Deliciously @NYChocolateShow

This weekend was gorgeous and it started with a world of chocolate that would make even Wonka jealous.  The 15th Annual Chocolate Show took place and it was a world of chocolate teas, chocolate pretzels, chocolate sculptures and truffles that you cannot chew. Check out the photos from the event!

Details Chocolate carvings

Marble Chocolate Buddha

Live demos from experts

Orange + Chocolate Tea

Bits of pretzels
Incredible caramel chocolate

A whole (meltable) world!

Max Brenner cookbook

Incredible sculpture!

With cake underneath!

John and Kira adorable Bees

love the peanut butter monkey!

The proper way to enjoy a truffle

Chocolate themed rings made of fimo

Incredible!! Reminds me of Laura Secord mallow bars

Samples GALORE.

Overall, I think this event was great fun for the family and a good way to get a head start of holiday shopping. The super sugar high hyper kids running around was a bit of a downer for me but the vendors were unique and the samples were delicious.
For the full list of the vendors, go to

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