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    Deliciously @NYChocolateShow

    This weekend was gorgeous and it started with a world of chocolate that would make even Wonka jealous.  The 15th Annual Chocolate Show took place and it was a world of chocolate teas, chocolate pretzels, chocolate sculptures and truffles that you cannot chew. Check out the photos from the event!

    Details Chocolate carvings

    Marble Chocolate Buddha

    Live demos from experts

    Orange + Chocolate Tea

    Bits of pretzels
    Incredible caramel chocolate

    A whole (meltable) world!

    Max Brenner cookbook

    Incredible sculpture!

    With cake underneath!

    John and Kira adorable Bees

    love the peanut butter monkey!

    The proper way to enjoy a truffle

    Chocolate themed rings made of fimo

    Incredible!! Reminds me of Laura Secord mallow bars

    Samples GALORE.

    Overall, I think this event was great fun for the family and a good way to get a head start of holiday shopping. The super sugar high hyper kids running around was a bit of a downer for me but the vendors were unique and the samples were delicious.
    For the full list of the vendors, go to http://www.chocolateshow.com

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    Holiday Gift Guide under $50

    Holiday season is here my friends! In my opinion, the best time of year! Time for sharing the holiday cheer and best of all… time for holiday shopping! Now I know we’re all strapped for cash these days and budgets are running lower than ever so here are some great choices all under $50!
    Give that glam girl you know a fabulous set of make-up brushes. A set of great brushes is always a necessity in a beauty lover’s make-up kit so give this beautiful 7 piece pink brush set that comes with a pink carrying case. A guaranteed LOVE!
    In this chilly weather who doesn’t need another winter coat? Especially a super stylish one. Classic winter coats never go out of style so year after year you can rewear them! I highly recommend this absolutely adorable one! It’s plain, yet classy in a neutral grey.
    Rain can be the biggest Debbie downer sometimes but with these lovely boots you won’t need to worry about those puddles. Best of all how fierce is that leopard print!
    For any and every beauty enthusiast you know… this is perfect. It’s so hard choosing products for your friends especially the right colors and type of makeup. This amazing makeup set from Sephora is the perfect gift for that girl that has everything or even someone just starting out. It comes in a great carrying case and its perfect so you have everything you need in one place when you’re traveling.
    These gifts definitely won’t disappoint. Perfect for your budget and they’re all made to last you a while. Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!

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    (NY) One of a Kind Art Show

    I got a chance to go to the One of a Kind Show yesterday and saw all kinds of delightful things!  This artshow happens in 4 cities every year and is the #1 destination to discover new artists and get unique presents for the holidays. If you haven’t been you most definitely should go!
    New York Date:
    Toronto Date:
    Vancouver Date: 
     The Chicago Show is Dec 2-5
    Show History
    Similar to most brilliant ideas, the One of a Kind Show was born out of a simple desire for something more. Premiering at Toronto’s Queen Elizabeth Building in December 1975, the “craft show” was the brainchild of Steven Levy, Martin Rumack and June Bibby. June (herself an artisan) couldn’t find a place to sell her work before Christmas, so the three friends decided to create their own holiday shopping venue. After a great deal of leg work and countless all-nighters, the trio launched the first One of a Kind Show, which encompassed 25 000 square feet and 80 participants.
    The One of a Kind concept expanded in 1979 to include the One of a Kind Spring Show (Toronto) and again in 2001 with the One of a Kind Show and Sale Chicago. Our most recent additions are the One of a Kind Vancouver (2008) and One of a Kind New York (2009) Attracting over 200 000 visitors annually, our two Toronto shows have become a Canadian shopping tradition for those in search of the unique, handcrafted and the fantastic.
    MMPI Canada
    The One of a Kind Christmas Show, One of a Kind Spring Show, The Artist Project, Interior Design Show, IDSWest, Toronto International Art Fair, IIDEX/NeoCon Canada, and Explore Design are a family of events that produce the most innovative trade shows in the country. Collectively, we are known as MMPI Canada.
    Some of my favorites… I will profile each of my favorite artists in an individual post with links to their website. But for now, here’s a peek at the goodies
    Etsy was one of the show sponsored and had a button making station!  Thanks Etsy 🙂
    It is always refreshing and inspiring to see artists and artisans live their dream and create beautiful things. More photos here

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    Saving for Spring

    Smart shoppers know to skip the Boxing Week sales and start saving for Spring! After watching some of the Spring 2010 runway shows on style.com, I strongly advise you to do the same! This spring is going to be entail a mix of the recessionista casual x a clever use of mix and match. High waisted bubble shorts,  liquid leggings, studs, blazers, open toe flats, leather looks, rolled-out-of-bed chic and dont f with me heels. There is a lot of black and white going on this Spring and some futurist, out-of-this-world stuff (see Alexander McQ)

    I love this look from Alexander Wang (all pics from Style.com)

    and from Balmain
     Balenciaga with love
    Alexander McQueen said so.
    Hold back to these great ‘deals’ and ‘clearance bins’ – You will thank me this spring!
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    My love affair with Malls

    During Thanksgiving Weekend, I drove down to Costa Mesa to the South Coast Plaza! Ooo it’s fancy!

    This mall reminded me of my favorite Yorkdale Mall 🙂  SCP is suppose to be the 3rd largest mall in US, the biggest being Mall of America in Minnesota (I’ve been there too ^_^).  Earlier this year, I got to go to the biggest mall in Canada too! That would be the West Edmonton Mall of course.

    Mom & I at West Edmonton Mall

    I love malls, they are my second home! For those of you who don’t know, My very first job was at Fairview Mall at the the ice cream boutique Laura Secord!  This was 10 years ago… and I was only 15!  I wish I had photos. Then I went on to work retail at various clothing stores like Costa Blanca, Aritzia, Aldo, Laura Petites, Get Out Side, Pull, R2W (icon shoes) to name a few!  This probably why people always ask me for help when I am shopping; they think I work there. LOL  Well once you have worked in RETAIL you have that persona and awareness that never goes away. I love working retail! It gives you amazing experience, discounts and mall perks – I highly recommend it as a job while you are in school!

    Shopping in Orlando

    When I walk into a mall, I just feel amazing!  This is probably why I got an A in my Consumer Behavior class at FIDM right? In California, like Florida, there are a lot of outdoor malls – I like them!  The layouts of these malls are more like stores in one centralized area.  They just built one in Toronto called Shops of Don Mills . I wonder how they will do during the snowy months…A lot of ‘firsts’ are opening there including Murale, Anthropologie. The lovely girls over at coco&lowe wrote about the Murale opening here.

    Outdoor malls like Americana and the Grove are my favorite places to go in LA to get a sense of community feels. Do you like outdoor malls? I like them but they are more of a ‘market place’ to me. I grew up being used to a mall as a big building where there is a food court and movie theater attached to it. Nevertheless, if it’s a mall – I will love it, whatever the format.

    Janice and I at Glendale Americana
    Janice and I on 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica
    Neil and I at the Grove

    I love malls and they can be overwhelming during the holidays so make sure you go during the week, avoid weekend, drink plenty of water, leave your coat in the car and go with your besties!  Where is your favorite time to shop? Recession or no recession, they are not selling things – they are selling optimism and I’ll take 2. Thank you!

    Happy Shopping!