Holiday Gift Guide under $50

Holiday season is here my friends! In my opinion, the best time of year! Time for sharing the holiday cheer and best of all… time for holiday shopping! Now I know we’re all strapped for cash these days and budgets are running lower than ever so here are some great choices all under $50!
Give that glam girl you know a fabulous set of make-up brushes. A set of great brushes is always a necessity in a beauty lover’s make-up kit so give this beautiful 7 piece pink brush set that comes with a pink carrying case. A guaranteed LOVE!
In this chilly weather who doesn’t need another winter coat? Especially a super stylish one. Classic winter coats never go out of style so year after year you can rewear them! I highly recommend this absolutely adorable one! It’s plain, yet classy in a neutral grey.
Rain can be the biggest Debbie downer sometimes but with these lovely boots you won’t need to worry about those puddles. Best of all how fierce is that leopard print!
For any and every beauty enthusiast you know… this is perfect. It’s so hard choosing products for your friends especially the right colors and type of makeup. This amazing makeup set from Sephora is the perfect gift for that girl that has everything or even someone just starting out. It comes in a great carrying case and its perfect so you have everything you need in one place when you’re traveling.
These gifts definitely won’t disappoint. Perfect for your budget and they’re all made to last you a while. Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!

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