(NY) One of a Kind Art Show

I got a chance to go to the One of a Kind Show yesterday and saw all kinds of delightful things!  This artshow happens in 4 cities every year and is the #1 destination to discover new artists and get unique presents for the holidays. If you haven’t been you most definitely should go!
New York Date:
Toronto Date:
Vancouver Date: 
 The Chicago Show is Dec 2-5
Show History
Similar to most brilliant ideas, the One of a Kind Show was born out of a simple desire for something more. Premiering at Toronto’s Queen Elizabeth Building in December 1975, the “craft show” was the brainchild of Steven Levy, Martin Rumack and June Bibby. June (herself an artisan) couldn’t find a place to sell her work before Christmas, so the three friends decided to create their own holiday shopping venue. After a great deal of leg work and countless all-nighters, the trio launched the first One of a Kind Show, which encompassed 25 000 square feet and 80 participants.
The One of a Kind concept expanded in 1979 to include the One of a Kind Spring Show (Toronto) and again in 2001 with the One of a Kind Show and Sale Chicago. Our most recent additions are the One of a Kind Vancouver (2008) and One of a Kind New York (2009) Attracting over 200 000 visitors annually, our two Toronto shows have become a Canadian shopping tradition for those in search of the unique, handcrafted and the fantastic.
MMPI Canada
The One of a Kind Christmas Show, One of a Kind Spring Show, The Artist Project, Interior Design Show, IDSWest, Toronto International Art Fair, IIDEX/NeoCon Canada, and Explore Design are a family of events that produce the most innovative trade shows in the country. Collectively, we are known as MMPI Canada.
Some of my favorites… I will profile each of my favorite artists in an individual post with links to their website. But for now, here’s a peek at the goodies
Etsy was one of the show sponsored and had a button making station!  Thanks Etsy 🙂
It is always refreshing and inspiring to see artists and artisans live their dream and create beautiful things. More photos here

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