(NY) Mysterious Guy #3

Hey Mr Volleyball player, you are just my type. You got on the A train, just as self conscious as you are hot. I know your type.  Your socks and flipflops attire tell me your such a ‘serious athlete’ and you just really don’t care. I know you are coming from your game cuz you opened your bag twice to take out the volleyball and look for stuff in your bag.


You and your V-neck T and hoodie, I think we would just be perfect together. I know you are a serious guy… about certain things. You got off at Union Square but only to wait for the Brooklyn bound train. You remind me of all the athletes I’ve dated, serious, self assured yet self conscious and a Spartan body.  You and I probably see the world so differently – your focus and discipline contrast with my free spirit and whimsy could lead to the most wonderful balance. Or the most dramatic fights that Eminem and Rih sing about. Who knows…

Oh all the interesting things that happen around W4 station πŸ™‚

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