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    ChocZero: Low Carb Chocolate Nutritionists Rave About

    ChocZero uses a zero-calorie, low carb natural plant called monk fruit to create delectable chocolate that’s low carb and sugar-free. Indulge in some more chocolate minus the sugar crash and extra calories. Whether you’re on the keto diet or simply hoping to reduce your sugar intake, ChocZero has savory options to fit a healthier lifestyle.

    Even if we all don’t commit to a specific diet, we’re well-aware that sugar isn’t good for our bodies. Even with this notion, sometimes, we all need a little sweet. While we can give in to our chocolate cravings, there’s a smarter way to satisfy our need for sugar. ChocZero is becoming the go-to alternative to sugary chocolate and even health experts approve.

    According to Kelly Leveque, holistic nutritionist and celebrity health coach, diets like Keto are inspiring food companies to get creative with their carbohydrate content and provide alternatives.

    ChocZero is a great example — their dark chocolate Keto bark is a great option for my clients who live the Fab 4 Lifestyle and want to indulge without a large blood sugar spike or insulin dump,” she says.

    Matt Weik, fitness and supplement expert and owner of Weik Fitness, LLC recommends ChocZero to his clients.

    “I’m actually using the product in meal plans for my clients who tell me they have a sweet tooth and have cravings during the day. I allow them to utilize ChocZero between meals to satisfy their cravings.”

    Don’t just take our word that these nutritionists are on to something. Here are some reasons to have ChocZero around when those cravings for chocolate take over:

    • Fair-trade premium cocoa beans from South America

    • Sugar free with no sugar alcohols and no artificial sweeteners. Sweetened with our unique monk fruit and fiber blend, our chocolate has zero glycemic impact making it perfect for diabetics

    • Low carb: only 1g net carbs per serving! Perfect for those on the keto lifestyle and other low carb diets like Trim Healthy Mama

    • Antioxidant rich, teeth friendly, and good for your waistline

    • All natural, non-GMO, gluten free, and kosher certified. Made proudly in the USA

    70% Dark Chocolate Squares
    – Sugar Free, Low Carb (

    1 bag)

    50% Dark Chocolate Squares
    – Sugar Free, Low Carb (1 bag)

    Milk Chocolate Squares
    – No Sugar Added, Low Carb (1 Bag)

    ChocZero sugar free 70%, ChocZero sugar free 50% dark chocolate squares and ChocZero sugar free milk chocolate squares start with humble origins in South America where the key ingredient cocoa beans are grown by ethical cocoa farmers. Then they’re brought to ChocZero’s sunny California factory where they’re made into a rich chocolate, infused with premium Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans and sweetened with the all natural monk fruit plant–a popular ketogenic sweetener.

    ChocZero square line is a delightfully tasty, portion controlled option for those who find our Keto Bark to be too dense in calories. Each small square is the perfect bite-size sweet treat for your sugar free life.

    About ChocZero:

    ChocZero started in 2016 with two goals: to make a sugar free chocolate that was truly delicious and to create a company that cared about its customers. One year later it has become a passionate community of chocoholics and it has released a wide range of products based on their detailed feedback including everything from a dipping chocolate to a syrup line with no preservatives. When it comes to ingredients, ChocZero will never sacrifice the quality. It ethically sources its cocoa beans that are some of South America’s finest. It also uses real Madagascar vanilla beans and only the most premium of GMO free soluble corn fibers. For more information, visit www.choczero.com.