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    Guestpost by @RegularQuis: CMJ Reggae Party @RICKYBLAZE

    So I want to introduce myself, my name is Marquis Thibodeaux, and this is my first post as a guess blogger for HeyDoYou, well for anything to be honest lol. To tell you a little about myself I am a extremely adventurous person who loves to just go out and experience life, meaning I like to party! But I also like laid back events. So yeah, I am forever in love with the raw design of fashion and I crave knowledge!! But that’s just a little bit about me.
    So for my first event post, I went to a CMJ Reggae party put together by Brooklyn-nite Ricky Blaze. At first there weren’t many people there but as the night progressed and the party began to start, the entertainment factor quickly shit they the roof. Ricky Blaze was the first to perform and he performed a couple hits that are very familiar in the reggae circuit and he brought up a few guest to perform so songs with. The next performer to go up was the headliner, Mr. Vegas. His set was crazy! He performed ALL of his hits, brought up guest and took people back in time, to relive all of the songs he and we grew up to. All in all this night was a huge success, the crowd was into it and the party was bananas!
    Find more events by Ricky Blaze onĀ http://www.rickyblazetv.com