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    Selena Gomez to Co-Host the 2011 MMVA’s

    “I am thrilled and honored to host the MuchMusic Video Awards” said Selena Gomez. “I look forward to seeing all my Canadian fans and kicking off the summer together.”

    And we are so excited to have her! She’s cute and talented & she clearly likes products of Ontario. lol.

    I’ve personally been a fan of Selena Gomez since her first season on Wizards of Waverly Place, I know a few little ones who love her too. But as time goes by, people grow, and Selena  has become this gorgeous woman. At age 18 she’s seen with our National heartthrob J. Bieber, A-listed with Hollywood’s best & focused on her solo recording career set to tour later this year. Starring in her 5th season of the popular Disney show, Wizards of Waverly Place, we can catch her next on July 1st in the Fox feature film ‘Monte Carlo’, co-starring Leighton Meester & Katie Cassidy.

    Selena and previously announced performer… LADY GAGA are the only two official celebrity appearances announced by MuchMusic with more news to come in the weeks ahead. The city is warming up and the buzz of the 2011 MMVA’s is getting louder!!! Follow the countdown to the MMVA’s on muchmusic.com or on twitter @muchmusic. Receive announcements on performers, presenters, celebrity guests and chances to win big prizes.

    Shout out to the official sponsors of the 2011 MMVA’s:  Coca-Cola Canada, Get a Load of Milk™, Playtex® Sport®, Procter & Gamble, RIM, Rolo®, STRIDE, Virgin Mobile Canada™, and H&M, designer of the official MMVAs wristband

    I’m so excited for the show! xo

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    Fuze – Love Bottled

    Was doing some inspirational research for our upcoming event and found the cutest and most clever ‘stunt marketing’ gig. Simple idea, targeted audience and wham! Straight to my heart.

    Somebody get them a bottle! SUCH a cute campaign

    CAUGHT! making out in Times Square, NYC

    The love story unfolds…
    “Miss Green Tea Leaf and Mr. Black Tea Leaf locked eyes at a tea garden in Camelliatown. While being harvested they struck up a conversation and began their romantic courtship later that evening during a drying session. One month later, on a fragrant Spring morning, the city of Camelliatown felt more alive than usual, it was the season of love. Miss Green Tea Leaf was awakened by a knock at her door, only to discover…” (read more)

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