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    Empower Women with Every Sip in The Chicks Company’s Coffee

    The Chicks Company’s focus is on discovering new and unique coffee beans from plantations that support women growers on their paths to ownership through employment advancement and education. Additionally, The Chicks Company seeks out innovative coffee plantations implementing environmentally conscious growing and harvesting practices.

    The Chicks Company sources premium organic “estate” coffee beans from around the world. Their focus is discovering new and unique coffee beans from plantations that support women growers on their paths to ownership.

    Once the beans arrive in Park City, Utah The Chicks Company artisanally small batch roast the beans at 7000 feet, then they craft a unique blend for each of their Active Chicks, taking into account the preferences of their active community. The Chicks Company local community of Active Chicks gets involved by choosing the final coffee blend for market through blind tasting events.

    The Chicks Company’s intention is to involve women in as many aspects of the business as possible and connect women around the world through an Active Lifestyle.

    Your purchases of the Coffee Chicks Blends supports women growers around the world through the reinvestment in the International Women’s Coffee Alliance, a non-profit that guides women growers on their path to success in business and community in the coffee world.

    SIP. . . DREAM. . . DO!

    The Holiday Buzz Blend

    Introducing The Chicks Company’s Holiday BUZZ Blend, a signature balance of Honduran, Nicaraguan and Sumatran beans. This Holiday BUZZ Blend is a little on the lighter side of a Medium Roast to provide a little more BUZZ (caffeine) for all the Holiday Fun you will be having.

    Holiday BUZZ has a delicate smooth texture with a slightly sweet finish featuring a slight fruity and nutty balance with chocolatey undertones.

    • Medium Roast (Lighter)
    • Elevation: 4100′ – 5800′
    • Region: Honduran, Nicaraguan, Sumatran
    • Farm/Co-op: Multiple
    • Tasting Notes:  Delicate smooth texture, complexity is bright and acidity is low. A nice balance hint of fruity and nutty tones with a clean finish. This is one smooth cup of coffee.

    Feel Confident – As you SIP or GIFT this Holiday BUZZ Blend you are helping to empower women around the world with your purchase.

    The Chicks Company specifically sources these organic coffee beans to create this Holiday BUZZ Blend due to the fact that these growers empower women through employment, education and ownership opportunities as well as continue to improve their environmentally conscious growing and harvesting practices. Coffee Chicks deliciously smooth blends are the result of high quality, high grade unique selection organic beans roasted with an artisanal touch.

    The Holiday Jolly Blend

    Ring in your Holiday’s with The Chicks Company’s Holiday JOLLY Blend. This JOLLY Coffee Blend is roasted to a true Medium Roast providing you all the deep rich flavor and body you want for the Holiday’s.

    This signature JOLLY Blend is a balance of Nicaraguan, Honduran and Sumatran organic coffee beans Medium roasted to a deep rich smooth profile. Highlighting the natural mild fruity and nutty notes of these three special beans. The finish is velvety smooth.

    • Medium Roast
    • Elevation: 4100′ – 4900′
    • Region: Nicaraguan, Honduran, Sumatran
    • Farm/Co-op: Multiple
    • Tasting Notes:  Deep rich medium body profile with a bright and crisp complexity.  A well balanced citrus and nut tones with a velvety smooth finish. This is one smooth cup of coffee.

    About The Chicks Company:

    Coffee Chicks beans arrive from the island of Haiti, the high desert mountains of Ethiopia, and the coastal forests of Central America. The Chicks Company attentively manages the small batch roasting of these three unique coffee beans from different parts of the world to carefully craft the Beautifully Bold flavor of the Surfer Chick Blend. A delightful darker Medium Roast Blend of Arabica Haitian Blue, Honduran and Ethiopian beans.