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    Myself, Nick, TK and Arti (she’s a montreal based designer)

    LG Fashion Week FW 11 is here, and we are having so much FUN! Yesterday was my first day of LGFW festivities, and what a day it was. I loved, loved, LOVED the Micalla show, I was practically drooling with every piece that I saw… for real. I’m trying to retrieve the pictures off of a media card that decided to go psycho, right after the show was done, so stay tuned.

    I have video footage from the DUY, Krane, LOVAS, Comrags and Attitude by Jay Manuel shows; so if you weren’t able to attend, or missed these show, I got you boo! ha ha ha. I’ll be uploading the videos ASAP.

    I was totally impressed with the ATTITUDE by Jay Manuel collection, LOVAS stole my heart with the bows, the DUY collection was mm mmm good, and I dug the Krane show… even though I was worried those boys were going to break a neck or something with those acrobatics… Oh and shoutout to Christian for KILLING that runway in the Krane show 🙂

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    stay fly!

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    Comrags at LGFW

    Re-Cap pt3: HeyDoYou x LGFW
    Oh-em-gee sooo many people this day! I can’t say that I LOVED the Comrags show, I can say however, that I liked the hair, and the clothing looked very well made… ok maybe I liked a teeny tiny part of the collection lol…. I don’t know man, it’s spring so I’m all over bright colors, I’m not in the fall mind set quite yet…

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