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    Super-­‐HD Quality   ŸŸ Weightless Coverage ŸŸ Refined Texture   ŸŸ Skin Radiance

    Industry favorite since 2012, Veil Cosmetics is celebrated for their light-­‐infused, multi-­‐tasking treatment cosmetics. Super-­‐HD quality, weightless coverage and refined textures have made Veil a go-­‐to fixture among top film and television productions as well as a backstage favorite at some of today’s hottest runway shows. Infused with brightening, hydrating and soothing benefits, these multi-­‐tasking workhorses enhance the skin’s natural beauty by imparting instant illumination and continuing to brighten the complexion with the aid of one-­‐of-­‐a-­‐kind ingredients. Lightfast Technology, a proprietary blend of active ingredients, marries skin-­‐care with color science to smooth and brighten the skin both on the surface and from within. Beneficial ingredients, such as White Water Lily Extract brightens up skin of all       types while defending against aging, and Cinnamon Bark Extract works overtime to plump and soothe.

    Veil Cosmetics is the brainchild of internationally acclaimed makeup artist Sebastien Tardif, “I was inspired by my passion for skin and a fresh, new take on weightless, complexion solutions. My mission has always been to modernize the traditional approach to makeup by revealing gorgeous skin, not masking it.”

    Veil Cosmetics product range includes:

    Sunset Light – Light Infused Primer, Serum, Mixing Base ($45 USD for 1 oz):

    This fluid filter helps skin achieve the perfecting and smoothing radiance emanated only at sunset. Use it to prime complexion, provide makeup longevity, to instantly diminish the appearance of fine lines and pores, to hydrate, plump, and brighten skin. The formula is water based, oil free, paraben free, and has a non-­‐sticky formula. It is enhanced with White Water Lily Extract, which helps to brighten up every skin type, and defends the skin with anti-­‐aging peptides and ubiquinone. Cinnamon Bark Extract is added to plump and soothe, and skin will be hydrated with sodium hyaluronate. PRO TIP: Mix a small amount into Veil Complexion Fix to create your own BB cream, mix with concealer or foundation to create a perfecting glide and pigment spread, and mix to immediately smooth and refine liquid or cream based makeup like bronzer and blush.

    Sunset Skin – Weightless Foundation ($49 USD for 1 oz):

    A foundation with an airy, whipped formula that reveals skin as if it has been drenched in light at sunset. The water-­‐based formula melts with your complexion for a pure weightless feel without the mask-­‐like feel of more traditional foundations. Its blurring and anti-­‐aging technology helps skin appear smoother and reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines. Suitable for all skin types, this foundation is oil free, paraben free, and super-­‐HD. Non-­‐sticky with a smooth dry down, and sheer to medium coverage, all while hydrating the skin. Sunset Skin is enhanced with Cinnamon Bark Extract to plump and soothe and White Water Lily Extract, which helps to brighten up every skin type and defends the skin with anti-­‐aging peptides and ubiquinone.

    Complexion Fix – All Over Face Corrector, Concealer, Highlighter ($40 USD, 0.135 fl oz):

    A multi-­‐usage Corrector, Concealer, and Highlighter that fuses skin care and color science. With its wide range of colors, it offers seamless coverage to neutralize and correct dark circles. It evens out skin instantly, while weightlessly veiling areas of concern with amazing buildable coverage and light infused pigments. The formula is specially engineered to provide a smooth skin surface, which instantly brightens, making this one of a kind highlighter the ideal flash illuminator. Complexion Fix has a one-­‐of-­‐ a-­‐kind Lightfast Technology, a proprietary blend of actives that aides in brightening, soothing, and increasing moisture on and within the skin, leading to a smoother, more even complexion. With anti-­‐aging peptides, this concealer also softens the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It is oil free, water based, non-­‐irritating, hypoallergenic, paraben free, alcohol free, and water and drift resistant.

    Veil Cosmetics can be found globally on shelves and virtual aisles across United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Dubai, and Hong Kong. For additional information, visit veilcosmetics.com.

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    NEW from Veil Cosmetics

    Veil Cosmetics has revamped and relaunched your favorite product – Complexion Fix!lulu-qu

    The newly revamped concealer, highlighter and primer will now feature sleek new packaging, additional product and a leak proof valve that will not spill during travel.


    Veil Complexion Fix will continue to even out and brighten the skin instantly, while weightlessly veiling areas of concern with amazing build able coverage and light infused pigments.

    Perfect for Fall, this breathable concealer and highlighter is long-lasting, hypoallergenic and hydrating leaving skin look radiant all day.


    About Veil Cosmetics

    The LIGHT INFUSED COSMETICS Brand, VEIL products impart instant illumination and brighten the complexion with their treatment benefits. The brainchild of internationally acclaimed celebrity makeup artist Sebastien Tardif, Veil Cosmetics was inspired by Tardif’s passion for skin and fresh take on superior makeup textures. Veil sets out to modernize the traditional approach to makeup by revealing gorgeous skin, not masking it, with multi- tasking, skin care cosmetics.

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    Photoshop Your Face with OCC SKIN Conceal From @OCCMAKEUP

    I am such a picker!  Sometimes, I like to stand in front of magnify mirrors and squeeze and poke my skin to no end.  The result is of course redness and a ton of scars. The perfect shade of concealer is hard to find but with a palette like 12 true to skin tone shades from OCC – you can mix and match and blend your perfect shade.

    A good concealer is always the answer to perfecting your skin boo-boos and also hiding redness.  Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is launching an incredible lineup of cream based concealers in 12 remarkable shades. They range from Y0, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5 (Yellow base) and R0, R1, R2, R3, R4, R5 (Red base).

    I used R1 to hide all the redness, R3 for contouring and then R0 for highlighting.  (I am also wearing OCC Liptar in Femme)

    What do you think?

    Here is R3, R4, R5

    They can even conceal tattoos!

    The best thing about this OCC Skin Conceal is that they are 100% vegan and cruelty free.  Now you have options for every shade of beauty from a natural line if you don’t want to use MAC, Mehron, Cover FX or other concealers that contain parabens.

    They will be available online and at the store soon!

    174 LUDLOW STREET | NEW YORK, NY 10002
    PH: 212-675-2404 | FX: 212-214-0636
    MONDAY – SATURDAY: 11:00AM – 7:00PM
    SUNDAY: 12:00PM – 6:00PM


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    @Miracleskin Transformer Treat & Conceal

    Through my journey of minimizing and expiating my daily makeup routine, I have got it almost down to a science. Eyeliner, a touch of blush, concealer and Vaseline.  I recently tried this Treat and Conceal concealer in LIGHT – It is available in 3 shades to treat, protect and enhance the skin.  Ideal for under eye and blemishes… What do you think?

    Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal – a multifunctional concealer with powerful hydration, treatment and protection benefits. Developed for use on both the under eye and face, instantly Cover, Correct and Protect your imperfections with a flawless natural airbrushed finish. Instantly improve skin tone, luminosity, and texture. Evenly smooth out and minimize the look of pores, fine lines and pigmentation spots.

    Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal’s M3 Complex contains marine collagen and soothing white rose and chamomile extracts. Enhanced color correcting minerals transform your skin instantly:

    • Cover stubborn problem areas including pigmentation spots and redness
    • Conceal the dark circles and broken capillaries
    • Minimize and smooth fine lines and signs of aging

    Find out more on https://www.facebook.com/SarahMcNamaraBeauty

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    Bye Bye Bags

    Whether a party girl or pulling all nighters – no one like dark circles under their eyes. Besides using a kick-ass concealer like TimeBalm, try some eye pads. Elizabeth Grant has Vitamin C Illuminating Eye Pads that promise to erase the darkness. 10 hours of sleep a night kind of glow! Rich in skin lightening, brightening and smoothing vitamin C and infused with Torricelumn™’s anti-wrinkle properties, these eye pads can be applied daily or weekly for an intensive under eye treatment. Your eyes have never looked brighter or more beautiful.

    Nature’s most effective anti-aging vitamin, vitamin C works by strengthening the support structure of the skin, thus diminishing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties protect the skin from damage caused by environmental stressors like sun and air pollution. Elizabeth Grant’s encapsulated vitamin C is released upon application into the skin, absorbing immediately and going to work lightening, brightening and evening the appearance of the skin.

    If you want to try them out, check it out right here on the Elizabeth Grant site.