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    A Perfect Date at TakaTaka

    TakaTaka in New York is an awesome little restaurant in South Village that is a perfect gem!  It is a fusion of Mexican and Japanese food with a really cool twist. Not only do they have conveyer belt sushi, but they also have delicious new additions on their menu for 2015.  I was so lucky to go check out the new menu and we both left very full and satisfied!

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    They have incredible cocktails like the Lychee Martini and fresh juice mixed drinks!

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    All the sushi was made with perfectly and plated in a beautiful way! Interesting ingredients like jalepenos and avocado, guacamole and cilantro creates a really yummy combination and unique dining experience.

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    The best part is the service. The waitress and waiters are friendly and take the time to explain each item and also give recommendations. It may seem a bit intimating to go to a fusion restaurant for the first time but trust me everything is delicious and not too wild but still edgy! We asked a lot of questions and they were able to answer all of them.

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     What a cool way to serve Mochi Ice Cream!

    IMG_0071_2There is also Happy Hour every Thursday with $5 Sushi and Cocktails!  I will definitely be back again. Check out Taka Taka next time you are in New York for a truly unique experience.

    Taka Taka NYC 

    West Broadway & Grand St., SoHo
    Tel. 212-966-8252

    *Photos taken with iPhone 5 and Wide Angle / Fisheye Lens from Sesame Gifts