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    All You Need for Cherry Season

    Cherry season is here!  One of the best fruits of summer, I was so excited when I saw cherries for sale at the market this weekend. My grandma has a cherry tree in her yard and every summer we picked them before the birds could eat them all. Cherries, like peaches and apricots have pits in them. This makes them difficult to put in a smoothie, baking recipe or any desserts. I always used raspberries or strawberries as an option in those situations but now I don’t have to!  If you are a cherry love like me, you HAVE to get the CHERRY CHOPPER. This is a cherry pitter and…

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  • New York

    Black Bean Rice Salad @Minute_Rice

    Growing up in a Chinese household, rice is definitely a staple at every meal!  Since being on my own, I opt for easier cooking items like cheese and crackers and sandwiches instead. But I still love rice. Just want to find a easier and quicker way to incorporate it into my meals. Rice is so versatile and great source of fiber. I feel much fuller eating a meal with rice and it can even be a part of your dessert. Minute Rice is an innovative brand of meal solutions that provide just that – quick easy meals. Lastnight, along with my fish and veggies – I made the Black Bean…

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  • Toronto,  WorldWide

    Courvoisier Collective: Masterpiece Program #CVCollective

    I got a fun little package recently, that gave me the scoop on a unique initiative that aims to inspire and provide exposure for talented at-home chefs and culinary students. So if you are a talented chef, or just love to cook, this one’s for you! The program was launched last month, and participants were able to submit recipes online via the Courvoisier Collective website. Those that weren’t interested in participating were able to browse the recipes, vote for their favourite recipes as well as learn more about the chef judges. Brittany and I at the #CVCollective event last summer 🙂 If you’re interested in participating the deadline for submissions…

  • WorldWide

    Cooking with @TheChefDini

    I finally got the Chef Dini!  Ever since I saw the infomercial while I was getting my nails done – I have been obsessed!   This is the all in one, slice, dice and mixer that every kitchen needs. You can make 100’s of recipes and use this tool in your kitchen everyday. Here is the very first thing I made with it… Spinach and Artichoke dip. Yum! Like everything on TV, it is not exactly  what you see.  The Chef Dini is in fact super useful but you have to remember that it is not motorized so you have to still turn it with your hand.  I didn’t chop…