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    Make the most out of your date night by adding a Cork Genius Bottle Opener to the mix

    No need to tug and yank at your wine to remove that stubborn cork. Just pump, pop and relax on your Valentine’s date night with a Cork Genius Bottle Opener. This wine bottle opener is by far the fastest and easiest way to pop bottles.

    I can’t promise your Cork Genius will chase the clouds away, but I can promise it will make your wine drinking experience easier, tastier, and more fun. Cork Genius Genius Set has everything you need to open your bottle faster, perfectly aerate your wine, and keep it fresh for weeks longer than a regular stopper.

    Genius Wine Opener & Care Set | 4pc

    • PUSH, PUMP, & POP!

    The Cork Genius Opener was designed using a little science to avoid a lot of fuss and bother. The outdated corkscrew design has nothing on this simple, swift, and effective little gadget.

    This easy-to-use air-pump opener wields the power of air-pressure to quickly eject the cork of all standard-sized wine bottles, eliminating all the annoying pulling, tugging, and twisting of a normal corkscrew.

    Simply press the needle into the top of the cork, and give the handle a few pumps. Air will be injected into the bottle and eject the cork, fully intact. It’s effortless and even joyful.

    Push. Pump. Pop! Works every time, in all settings, and makes a great gift for wine-lovers of all ages. The uncomplicated, all-in-one design means no charging, batteries, or extra things to buy.


    This Bottle-Top Aerator uses unique aeration technology to maximize tastes and aromas as you pour. Fits nearly all standard wine bottles.

    Fasten the leak-free spout to the top of the bottle and it will introduce oxygen and evaporate excess sulfates as the wine runs through it. Smoothly pour a perfectly aerated glass of wine without the hassle of a decanter. Then, quickly rinse with soap, then it’s ready to pour or store.


    The Vacuum Sealer allows you to pump oxygen out of the bottle to keep your wine fresh for many days longer than an ordinary stopper or cork. Cork Genius combined the pump and the plug to streamline efficiency, preserving wine with no leakage or spillage until you’re ready to enjoy another glass.


    The elegant and ergonomic design of the Foil Cutter is easy to hold and delivers a restaurant- quality presentation. Cleanly cut the foil in seconds! No more picking, prying, or foil crumbles.

    Break up with your corkscrew and get Cork Genius. Instead of trying to yank and pry your cork, it simply pops it out with air pressure! Opening wine has never felt so right. Cork Genius products are designed using science to make every glass of wine a fun and easy experience. From the first sip to the last, don’t worry about anything besides pouring the next glass.

    About Cork Genius:

    Cork Genius is the smart way to open wine. Created by a team tired of the wine snobbery and ineffective tools available, they set out to determine how to design an easier method to open a bottle of wine. The result had them turning to science, blending chemistry and physics. They used a needle to pierce the cork and injected air underneath, causing it to pop out easily and quickly. Thus, Cork Genius was born. Brilliant!