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    Shopping LOVE! @_CostaBlanca


    I was recently chosen to be a Costa Blanca Ambassador and I. Was. Thrilled! I always used to shop at Costa Blanca years ago, but hadn’t really been in the last couple years. Then they had their Shop The Store event last year, where I got to tour the newly renovated store and was even treated to a beautiful turquoise maxi dress, a wicked neon yellow sweater and several gorgeous bangles… the spark was back, I was in love again!


    I couldn’t wait to get in the store, and begin my ambassador duties! I told myself that I would be in there for an hour max, but I shopped for over four hours, and literally tried everything on! It was awesome, and I loved every minute of it. I’m pretty much over winter, so my focus was on pretty summer dresses, crop tops, flirty/sexy cocktail dresses, cute skirts and shorts and the occasional light sweaters, shorts… basically everything that had to do with lovely warm weather, I tried on and bought!

    Check out some of my favourite pieces!
    2014-02-18 15.17.37

    “Blending timeless elegance with indelible luxury, Costa Blanca’s collections are designed for styleconscious women around the world.”- Costa Blanca


    I hardly wear black, but this dress stole my heart!


    Can’t go wrong with a navy blue, cute and flirty party dress! I don’t have navy blue or anything so this was a win for me!20140218_142508

    I tried everything on… like for real look at all those pretty colours, how could I possibly resist?!20140218_142515


    “…a go-to destination for design conscious women who know that great style does not have to come with an extravagant price ticket.”

    I remember the stores being kind of dark a few years ago, but now they are brightly lit so you can see all the fabulous clothes! Love!PicsArt_1392754015808

    I fell in love with this skirt, and couldn’t decide between the black or the grey!

    These dresses made me feel like such a lady!PicsArt_1392764689320

    Sweaters with leather sleeves, cropped sweaters, striped comfy sweaters, fitted sweaters… I tried them all and loved them all!SI_20140218_145949

    These shorts… these shorts man. Love!SI_20140218_150518

    Pretty florals are always a win for me, paired with some cute shorts, and you’re good to go!

    “Costa Blanca embraces the passion and sensuality of the European lifestyle.”

    You can never go wrong with a sexy silk jumpsuit!


    I love this shirt!SI_20140218_165604

    I was merciless with this Costa card. I left with bags full of goodies and was smiling from ear to ear the whole day…then I got home and played dress up with my new Costa Blanca gear.

    Do you shop at Costa Blanca? If not, YOU SHOULD START! My favourite thing about Costa Blanca is that it caters to all my style needs, from modern basics to elegant pieces, and I can always find what I want, without having to spend an arm and a leg!

    A big thank you to Costa Blanca for this awesome opportunity!


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    Super FUN Times: Shopping The Store with @_CostaBlanca


    I got a lovely invite to “Shop The Store” from Costa Blanca recently, and finally got to go in on my day off. I haven’t been to, never mind shopped at Costa Blanca in ages, so I was pleasantly surprised to see how bright, and colourful their clothes are now, plus there’s so much selection. The Costa Blanca I remember had lots of neutral colours, pastels and a lot of the same stuff year after year. But things done changed! I saw lots of neons, floral prints, tribal prints, cute flowy skirts, colorful maxi dresses, gorgeous onesies, oh it was fantastic! Totally up my alley. Things have definitely changed for the better.


    decisions decisions…



    I was in loooooove with this maxi!


    These bangles were giving me LIFE!!20130228_182611 20130228_182924

    lol the face…

    After scanning the aisles (yes all of them), I finally picked a few items and went to try on different looks. After what seemed like an eternity of trying on clothes (totally not complaining, I loved it!) I finally settled on a turquoise maxi dress, a cute neon yellow sweater, and two sets of awesome bangles. The best part about it? I got to take my look home!

    Thank you to Costa Blanca for having me, and for the lovely gifts! If you haven’t been to Costa Blanca in a while, I suggest you go because it has some… no A LOT of awesome and amazing stuff!

    peace and love