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    All Over NYC with My @CougarBoots

    A few weeks ago I received the Limited Edition Cougar Pillow Boots from Matchstick. I have been wearing them all around Manhattan and got tons of comments. On the train, I caught 2 people staring :] This week’s fall weather is the perfect intro for me to start rocking them super comfy and warm boots all over the streets. I was one of 50 bloggers chosen to be the first to wear these vintage remakes. What do you think? http://www.pillowboot.com

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    @CougarBoots Rocks my World

    It’s Friday and I got the best surprise ever this morning!  A rainy morning in New York and I ran into the FedEx guy just in time after walking Jacob! Matchstick & Cougar Boots sent me some goodies! So pull up your boots, stick out your tongue and let winter be damned. There is snow to be stomped! These are the Limited edition of Cougar Pillow Boots (Only 900 pairs). They are crafted in Italy with a Canadian Pedigree. I can now brave the elements with style, ease and exclusivity! These boots are made with soft, supple leather. They look vintage but with a modern twist! These were made famous…

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    (NY) Blizzard

    After living on the West Coast for over a year, I was so excited for this huge NY first snowstorm of the year. There was thunder, lightning and piles of snow! Stay warm everyone… staying warm with my Cougar boots Mom at Herald Sq! *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    My Cougar Boots

    Let me know what you think here *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    Cougar Boots

    Cougar boots are the way to go this winter… Just as the temperature is dropping and the wind is a blowing… It’s easy to stay fashionable and warm when you have friends in cool places that send you boots! Thank you. Here is how I’ll rock my Cougar boots!First, the rain boots, I got the black rubber boots with the silver buckle details. I love how soft they are and the length works well! Waiting for a rainy day to test them out. These boots are fully lined and very cute – totally for the girl who’s not afraid to jump in the puddle and get a lil mud on them.…