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    Event LOVE: Last day of @CPFW2013

    IMG_20130616_011633Canada Philippine Fashion Week (CPFW) fabulously strutted into town with all the glitz, glamour and culture that anyone could hope for a couple weeks ago. Due to my work schedule, I wasn’t able to go to all the events, but I made sure that I was there to celebrate the last of CPFW. There. Was. No Way. That I was going to miss it. What was great about this event is that I got to see pieces from the collections of all the designers up-close, as well as  meet some of the designers, which was awesome! It’s different to see clothes on the runway, but when you get up-close you get to see all the clean finishes, the intricate details, you get to feel the fabric… it was great!20130615_203430

    GOTSTYLE was the perfect place to celebrate the last day of CPFW Toronto 2013.

    Looking sharp sir!

    The featured Filipino and Canadian designers were: Amina Aranaz, Brian Maristela, Francis Libiran, John Ablaza, John De Porter, Leonard Co, Noel Crisostomo, Norman Noriega, and Roland Alzate.

    Gorgeous gowns!20130615_203915The details!! Love.

    20130615_204005Love this jacket!!




    Loved this dress!20130615_204211

    Hanging with the models!

    Loved hanging out with Ms. Theresa!20130615_204401

    Jon De Porter’s jewellery is GORGEOUS!!!20130615_204414




    This dress is heavy, but beautifully made!20130615_204557

    Yes. Please. Thank you.

    Everything! 20130615_204951

    Love this dress.20130615_205028

    Adored this dress!20130615_205034


    *sigh* Need and Want!20130615_205322


    These clutches maaaaaaaaannnnn! All hand-made. Love.20130615_205630


    20130615_205758 20130615_205942

    These blazers are for men, but I’d totally rock them, any day!!20130615_210048

    The models looking lovely!20130615_210109

    Are you seeing how CLEAN these blazers are???20130615_210348

    Sipping on some bubbly20130615_210529

    Getting the 4-1-1 on these beautiful gowns.20130615_210652




    Mr. John De Porter20130615_210943




    “It’s all about the chest!” these two were so funny lol20130615_211358

    I spent some time trying on pretty much all the pieces lol20130615_211638

    heart this girl!20130615_211739

    THESE. EARRINGS. ARE .EVERYTHING.20130615_212637





    so pretty20130615_213539

    love love love.20130615_213551


    20130615_213722 these blazers man! love.20130615_214005

    She couldn’t resist and had to try on the dress. I don’t blame you girl!IMG_20130615_215957

    “…because normal never lead to extraordinary”IMG_20130615_220523

    One more time man. I love these earrings.IMG_20130616_003648

    I cannot wait for the next CPFW, and there is no way I’m missing that one. A big congratulations to Jeff Rustia, and the whole CPFW team for putting on an amazing week of fashion  and culture, and especially to the designers for sharing their beautiful collections with us.


    ps: check out more from CPFW on their Facebook page!

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    Event LOVE: @CPFW2013 Press Conference


    I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into the Museum Room of the Shangri-La Hotel, for the Canada Philippine Fashion Week (CPFW) press conference. I’ll be honest and say that I thought it would be a whole lot of boring fashion talk, that we’ve all heard before but… It was the exact opposite. Instead I found myself going from happy, to inspired, to sad, then back to happy. This is probably the most touching event that I have ever been to. I was so inspired by Jeff Rustia’s story about how Canada Philippine Fashion came to fruition, how it was once just an idea he wrote on a piece of paper, to something that has already caught the attention of people all over the world, and it hasn’t even happened yet. I was moved, and in tears by the story of his late son, and how he continues to keep his son alive, through everything that he does. Ugh, it was beautiful, heartbreaking and inspiring all at the same time.


    This is the first Canada Philippine Fashion Week, and it will make it’s fabulous debut on Monday June 10th, and will run until Saturday June 15th, and it just so happens that also during the Philippines’ Independence Day on the 12th June! CPFWis a non-profit organization that’s aimed at showcasing fashion, culture, creativity and artistry of Filipinos in Canada and in the Philippines. This week long event is committed to creating fundraising events that will help children through the Kol Hope Foundation for Children, which will serve as the beneficiary of the inaugural launch of CPFW.


    The beautiful Kesiah Papasin

    We can look forward to six days of dazzling Filipino fashion, culture, and entertainment, a spectacular array of Filipino performances, film screenings, live music, a series of events happening in several  incredible venues like the Roy Thompson Hall and TIFF Bell Lightbox, and of course fashion shows from top designers from Canada and the Philippines. Sooooo exciting!

    Beautiful Francis Libiran dresses!

    Another Francis Libiran dress 🙂20130524_114300

    Jeff and Philippine Consulate General- Junever Mahilum-West20130524_114511


    Scotiabank was in the house!20130524_114729

    Mary Kay was there too 🙂20130524_114733

    She’s talking about how awesome Jeff is 🙂20130524_115104 The team behind CPFW 🙂20130524_115421 Jeff’s mom and aunt rocking traditional Filipino gowns 🙂20130524_115428

    20130524_115547 She sang beautifully 🙂 20130524_121340 Cutie 🙂20130524_121600

    Then they fed us after… the food was goooood 🙂IMG_20130524_104543


    I’m so excited for June to get here, cause I’m trying to see every show and go to every event! Yes ma’am!

    Thank you so much to Jeff and the team of CPFW for inviting me, and allowing me to witness and experience such a beautiful cause 🙂 Fashion with a heart indeed!

    peace and love