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    D-Dojo Karate Classes: My First Martials Arts Experience in NYC

    Last week, Leaura and I went to D-DOJO, beautiful martial arts studio in the heart of Manhattan. We were invited to experience first hand a new way to exercise through learning karate!  Leaura is already and expert, having practiced for over 25 years but it was definitely my first time doing something like this.  We were told to wear gym clothes and no jewelry. Easy enough right?

    Karate is proven to give you better posture, self-defense training or more defined legs and core strength.  We had a private lessons with world champion Igor Dyachenko! He explained that D-DOJO combines sport karate (represented by the red square where the sparring happens) and also traditional karate too.

    Time Out New York has said “D-Dojo offers the best martial arts training program for kids, teens and adults.” The results oriented classes are held seven days a week and students can expect to gain a healthier lifestyle, better endurance, improved flexibility and greater lung capacity.

    Igor Dyachenko, two-time world karate champion and winner of many international awards, brings his expertise and focus to midtown Manhattan in the form of D-Dojo Karate. D-Dojo Karate is located just a block south of Rockefeller Centerand offers karate classes for all ages as agility and self-defense training.

    Time Out New York raves, “D-Dojo Karate offers the best martial arts training program for kids, teens and adults.” Their results-oriented classes are held seven days a week and students can expect to gain stronger core muscles, better endurance, improved flexibility, better posture, and even greater lung capacity.

    Kids’ health benefits greatly from the strong foundation of physical and mental habits they absorb in the fun lessons taught through play and discipline. Small class sizes ensure each student’s training is personalized, while the group dynamic energizes and increases motivation and dedication.


    In an effort to bring Japan closer to America, Dyachenko’s Japanese influence runs rampant throughout D-Dojo Karate. Teaching style and overall philosophy are the obvious ones, but even the aesthetic matches the vibrant red and white contrast featured on the Japanese flag. Meant to represent passion and a clean slate, the decor is intense and inviting.

    Dyachenko also offers one-on-one training sessions that give the competitive edge with specific winning techniques gleaned from his illustrious competitive career. His many victories from various international competitions were all about finding the best techniques and strategies for his style. “Karate was never just about competitions. It was about self discovery,” Dyachenko said.

    Raised in the Ukraine, where practicing and competing in karate was illegal from 1982 to 1989, his first taste of karate was from his father. It soon became a way of life. He knew technique was the only way to compensate for his size, so Dyachenko trained night and day, eventually paying off as he won Junior World Karate Championship in 1997, at the age of 17. His successes inspired him to move to America, where he won four National Championship records.


    We had so much fun learning about Karate basics, balance and how to get touch with our bodies. Thank you Igor!

    D-Dojo Karate offers a modern approach to a classical Japanese karate education where we integrate our curriculum with modern science and various martial art principles. As you progress in rank, you’ll gain athletic agility, improve performance and have a greater sense of well-being. What’s more, D-Dojo students who pursue and earn a black belt will also complete an enriching experience.

    The D-Dojo training program incorporates kihon, kata and kumite exercises which will eventually serve as your foundation education. As you advance, kihon, kata and kumite techniques will be more challenging and refined.

    Stop by for a karate class no matter what level of fitness you are at, you will have fun!

    2 W 47th St
    New York, NY 10036
    b/t Avenue Of The Americas & 5th Ave in Midtown West
    (212) 537-6441